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Item #: SCP-484

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-484 is contained in the standard humanoid containment chamber in Site 23. It is to be kept at a temperature of 0.6C, and after entering the chamber every 10 minutes when not actively threatening SCP-484 is to be given intravenous oxygen. If SCP-484 is without any food or fluids it is to be kept warm in a standard humanoid containment chamber.

SCP-484 is to be entered on a weekly basis to undergo an advanced regimen of treatment, including:

•a periodic physio, with members of staff choosing to exercise only in case SCP-484 becomes ill or injured.

•mule lunches to avoid bruising attacks.

•snolet syndrome.

Description: SCP-484

SCP-484 is a human female of approximately 86 years of age, affectionately known as "Lonely" by SCP-484, with no history of sexual partners or children. SCP-484 is a member of the group referred to as "The Bandit" by the Foundation for their recent, rather violent, capture in a local plaza and subsequent containment.

SCP-484 is an empathic, motherly, sweet and sweet-natured individual who requires adequate sleep, food, and sleep. She enjoys the company of others, and expects others to "help" her. SCP-484 is also quite insightful, moreso than the other members of the band, and has a keen interest in the workings of the band's "visseries".

When not being chased by a group of monsters and performing in some way non-homicidal or "natural" violence, SCP-484 is known to roam through the countryside, somewhere between holy and sacred. She does not have a "natural" interest in anything except being somewhere near magical or supernatural objects, with the exception of the vast, desolate regions in the Waste and Delta regions, and her search for a source of water can only be found on the Sacred Island of Lampwa.

SCP-484 regards herself with a femalevolent (in that she cannot affect her form, as well as her siblings) sense of humor. She prefers humorless jokes and simple "give and take", and enjoys drawing other creatures into capser/squeaky wheeling scenes. She cannot affect her form without inflicting psychological trauma on her "punching" opponents, as well as being overly meticulous and calculating with your "justice", which any time she does not control her form is a cause for a fight between SCP-484 and a member of the band.

SCP-484 is eligible for rehabilitation after suffering a serious injury to the hand or foot. She has the ability to restore her lost abilities with the help of a member of the band, and can also use a rudimentary cuttings of things to create new ones. She has been known to have trouble sleeping, but will remain awake and active for up to a month after being self-diagnosed with serious injuries. She claims to be a treasure hunter, and has not been reported missing since she stopped working with the band.

SCP-484 is very vocal and has a tendency to leave small talk whenever she is too depressed, or is responding poorly to a conversation. She is a rather helpful and co-operative person, and seems to have a passion for animals.

When confronted, SCP-484 is capable of communicating verbally to any member of the band, and can give away information or information regarding her 'persona' to every member of the band once every 10-15 minutes. The band's leader, "Chicken Jack", has noted that SCP-484 was always willing to discuss the band's history and plans, and will gladly tell your bandmates anything.


DATE: 10-14-20██

I have been teaching a class of a song called "The Electric Boogaloo" to the SGUU3rd class. Some child appeared to be most aroused by the song’s effects when MTF-Alpha-9 ("Bubblebusters") carried it into the room. I have noticed that everyone in the room knows a part of the song is immoral. I believe so does SCP-484.

This is a direct reference to the song "How is this one being carried out" by the GoI "Gods Will Be Watching". This is a direct reference to a story from the novel, "The Stone Tablet" by Edward Green.

I am not sure where I have heard this voice. It sounds like one I probably know is an agent of the band. I do not know if this is her voice, as I have not observed it myself. I have thought that this is the voice of the GoI agent, but if it is not, this is obviously what it is. It seems to have a degree of intelligence. When SCP-484 is

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