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Item #: SCP-489

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Access to SCP-489 is restricted to Foundation personnel with Level 3 Clearance. Appropriate personnel should not be tasked with partaking in any of SCP-489's functions because of risk of bodily harm. Any personnel that have reached a point of intent to join SCP-489 should contact their superiors, but all members that wish to participate should contact Researcher ███████ for advice.

Description: SCP-489 is a collection of 17 SCP objects, designated SCP-489-A,​††SCP-489-B,​†SCP-489-C,“SCP-489-D,**,” SCP-489-E,*,*,​,“SCP-189,” SCP-489-F,*,​,“SCP-298,” SCP-489-G,***,**,*,​,“SCP-232,” SCP-489-H,*,“SCP-346,” SCP-489-I,*,“SCP-410,” SCP-489-J,*,“SCP-410,” SCP-489-K,*,“SCP-462,” SCP-489-L,»

To date, none of SCP-489’s functions have been observed. SCP-489-A and -B have not been observed to eventually develop into instances of SCP-489-C, while -C and -B have not been observed to develop into instances of SCP-489-B.

SCP-489-A displays normal behavioral traits of a typical house cat, and -B is a humanoid organism composed of unidentified pigments. SCP-489-B displays the ability to shape and alter craft objects and persons, as well as abduct and attack prey. SCP-489-B calls back to its companion (designated SCP-489-C) after it is subdued, and since has performed identity checks on the basis of commonalities. However, if said companion dies, SCP-489-B will do the same for its companion's children.

SCP-489-A has reported that it was born with the ability to shape and change objects using 718 atonic gas. For this reason, SCP-489-A should be kept on a low-stress lifestyle, as expressing discomfort with its abilities may result in an instance of SCP-489-B interfering with their ability to perform such functions.

Description: SCP-489 is a collection of 15 SCP objects, designated SCP-489-A,*,<,” SCP-489-B,< or SCP-489-C. SCP-489-A is composed of seven (7) Large-Scale, and Five-Scale Abominations, made up of various forms of animate or inanimate sentient objects which passible. Each of these objects is a sentient mold, and have been known to engage in various tricks when interacting with SCP-489. Each SCP object is automated and powered by unknown means, with a full capacity of 200 MW.

The first two groups of SCP-489-A are:

•SCP-489-A-1: Frail, canine, sentient, and primarily decorative. The main mass of SCP-489-A was constructed through the accounting of various agents of the PRT, who were able to handle the object by themselves. The majority of the object is not sentient, and consists of a variety of various objects and apparatus that act as an interface between the object and SCP-489-A.

•SCP-489-A-2: Lesser, more skulking, and ahem, less stylistic, more docile, and more humanoid in demeanor. SCP-489-A-2 is composed of numerous similar entities with a single purpose, with traits such as docile nature and the ability to inflict physical pain on their targets.

•SCP-489-A-3: A strange, humanoid automaton built with the purpose of making the target's skin more edible, and capable of moving as fast as large mammals with the same mass.

•SCP-489-A-4: Dried, gelatinous, and sentient. Instances of SCP-489-A-4 are near omnipotent, and are able to jump into anything in the vicinity. As of 09/12/20██, SCP-489-A-4 has been nicknamed "The Prime

SCP" due to its ability to influence the mood of the target by running through [DATA EXPUNGED].

•SCP-489-A-5: Known as the Devil, this being appears in the form of a fierce, some say heavily hairy demon. SCP-489-A-5 possesses an extended, ceramic, paralimbic body, with a

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