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Item #: SCP-490

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to how relatively few of SCP-490-1 instances appear, and the nature of SCP-490-2, containment of SCP-490-1 is not currently considered requisite. Requests for testing of SCP-490 in the field are to be submitted to the current Operations Director for approval.

Description: SCP-490 appears to be an anomalous game of hide and seek, played in the confines of an abandoned owl house located in ██████, ██████. All observed players have been dubbed SCP-490-2, and appear to be of normal size for their species.

Appearances by SCP-490-2 instances are limited to the following:




SCP-490-2 has been known to appear anywhere within ██████, Belize. The specific number of instances is unknown, as does the nature of the instance.

Helmets or helmets have been found affixed to SCP-490-2's body, including a large brass sword and several skulls. Both have been found crushed to the point that they are not considered anomalous.

A figure of various composition resembling a human wearing a round shield or headdress can be seen within SCP-490-2. SCP-490-2 will persist in this state for one (1) month after death, and will attempt to consume anything within its area of effect.

SCP-490-2-A has been noted to enter SCP-490-1 as a portal to the presence of an instance of SCP-490-1-A. The only means by which this portal may be opened is to close SCP-490-1 or prepare its exit immediately afterward.

The following is a log of the initial run of SCP-490-1 instances.

Test #1

Date: ██-██-20██

Time: ██:██:██ - ██:██

Player: Agent ████████, alias 'J.E.T.A.Q.K'

Result: SCP-490-2 had consumed twenty grams of wheat corn and a microwave. It was observed by Agent ██████ to proudly declare, "I don’t believe in God!" Agent ██████ then proceeded to wield the weapon for a period of 14 minutes before formally ending his run.

Test #2

Date: ██-██-20██

Time: ██:██:██ -██:██

Player: Agent █████████, alias 'Lucius Oreaj'

Result: SCP-490-2 had consumed twenty grams of wheat corn, a dozen regular golf balls, two dimes, and a TNT projectile which, once created, would explode upon impact with a host.[video feed of test was confiscated]

Test #3

Date: ██-██-20██

Time: ██:██:██ -██

Player: Agent █████, alias 'Yphnir'

Result: SCP-490-2 had consumed twenty grams of wheat corn, three bags of rice, a bag of ████████'s Wheat Corn Flakes, and a handful of ██████'s millet. Agent ██████ promptly went to the bed, stated "I am going to 1932!", and promptly sat on the table, removing his seatbelt. He then proceeded to put the seat in the holder of the gun and fired the gun. The tiny firearm exploded on impact with SCP-490-2, killing it instantly, and causing instant explosion. Agent ██████ then proceeded to walk away from the table again, and play SCP-490-2 "for another hour and twenty minutes" for another hour and twenty minutes, before collapsing in a heap on the table. The next morning, Agent ████████ found the gun in the running water in the ████████ waterpark, and reported it to the police.

Race: All SCP-490-2 instances themselves, and the host instance are the same race as the victim. The host instance is a non-anomalous Caucasian female in her late 20s. The host instance reverses the normal ratio of numbers of instances to the host instances.

SCP-490-2 instances have been known to move from one host to the next, but vice versa.

Test #4

Date: ██-██-20██

Time: ██:██:██ - ██:██

Player: Agent ████████, alias “Yphnir”

Result: SCP-490-2 successfully destroyed all other SCP-490-2 instances. The host's blood was found to have been loaded with a modified type of foam ███████████████ brand insulation.


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