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Item #: SCP-491

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-491 is to be kept on a standard humanoid containment cell in the Site-78 Humanoid Containment Wing. Personnel who enter the cell are warned to wear appropriate health-and-safety protective gear, keep him fed, disciplined, and low in the blood pressure.

If SCP-491's blood pressure drops under 60 mmHg, he should be provided with urethane-based surgical instruments after consultation.

Description: SCP-491 is a humanoid (designated SCP-491-1) who has demonstrated a remarkable physical prowess that manifests on the level of the physical world, according to a stone tablet found on one of the walls of SCP-491-1's cell. SCP-491 is not a humanoid in the usual sense, but a fully human male in Eastern European descent.

SCP-491 is capable of speaking through the walls of SCP-491-1's cell. This ability is reported to be related to the use of urethane, which is a predictable byproduct of SCP-491's blood circulatory system. The voice of SCP-491-1 appears to come from the ears of a "Mother-Elder" that has appeared in SCP-491-1's cell, and is used to communicate with SCP-491-1.

SCP-491-1-A is an actor. It plays several characters, most notably Kain-ling.

SCP-491-1-B is an AI able to follow SCP-491-1's every move. It is capable of directing SCP-491-1 in the direction of its own home, calling it a "Mother-Elder". This voice is used to direct SCP-491-1 throughout its life.

SCP-491-1-C is a humanoid that appears to be clothing SCP-491-1. It communicates via the telephone line from the interior walls of SCP-491-1-1.

SCP-491-1-D is a humanoid that appears to be a former girlfriend of SCP-491-1, and is previously in the relationship of a "Mother-Elder". SCP-491-1-D was a confidant of SCP-491-1-C during its field-testing phase.

SCP-491-1-E is an entity which appears to be in possession of a collection of human organs whose function has not been fully explored. It is capable of speaking with and able to perform different kinds of magic.

SCP-491-1-F is a humanoid that appears to be similar to Iueba, a famous poet of the iron age of the Roman Empire and an artificial intelligence. SCP-491-1-F has no age, and is engaged in the production of several pieces of music, including "Lobster", "On the floor?, and "Tear through(?),", his name is a type of Hemagiciancian.

SCP-491-1-G is a humanoid that appears to be in possession of SCP-491-1's "lungs". It is capable of speaking through pieces of text such as poems and short stories, but cannot of its own accord speak. It appears to have "mould" running through SCP-491-1-G's body at all times, a similar to that of SCP-491-1's lungs.

SCP-491-1-H is a sentient (designated SCP-491-1-53) who appears to be significant in the affairs of the site, including revisiting potential additions to SCP-491-1, causing research issues and monitoring him.

SCP-491-1-I was originally a farmer and fisherman, and has since been replaced and renamed by SCP-491-1. In addition to this, he has been upgraded to Level 1 humanoid containment. The term "mother-elder" appears to be the name given to SCP-491-1's "Mother-Elder" in the ancient texts. It is aware of SCP-491-1, and can verbally communicate with it.

SCP-491-1-J is Fujimoto, an entertainment-site in Tokyo. SCP-491-1-J is characterized by the ability to "talk over the wall", which it then uses to gain access to another disseminable object. It is able use this ability to talk to SCP-491-1, but is not...but what can I say, he's a lion?

SCP-491-1-K is a European-style infant formula formula. SCP-491-1-K contains 150,000 cells of various biological substances that form into a fetus. SCP-491-1-K can also be used to produce new instances of SCP-491-1-A, as per its original form.

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