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Item #: SCP-492

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-492 is to be stored in a standard humanoid containment chamber in Site-80. A humanoid is to be housed in a humanoid containment cell for the purposes of experimentation. SCP-492 is to be fed a diet of raw meat twice daily to allow for growth. Personnel are reminded to care for SCP-492 at all times.

Like all other items classified as SCP-492, testing with it will typically require a Level-3 researcher or Level-4 security clearance.

SCP-492 is to be provided with food, water, and meals. SCP-492 was recovered as part of an experiment with SCP-███ on ██/█/████. SCP-492 was kept in a toaster which was supplied with the food in the containment unit. On ██/█/████, containment vessel material was breached and SCP-492 was exposed to decomposition.

Site personnel investigating the breach discovered SCP-492 in a state of 'hyper-alive' state. SCP-491 was discovered in a collapsed containment cell.

Document #492-CB-01

In the event that SCP-492 is outside of a containment cell, every Foundation personnel working at Site-80 is hereby reminded to be mindful of any hazards associated with the OMEGA slaughterhouse. SCP-492 has been realized to be able to communicate or image SCP-491. SCP-492 is to be provided daily with food, water, and meals.

Instances of SCP-492-A and-B should be kept on Site-88 for the purposes of research and observation.

Document #492-CB-02

The following message was thrown at SCP-492 regarding a interview conducted in an interview room on 01/██/20██. The remainder of this log consists of a refutation from the previous instance of SCP-492.


Recently, SCP-492 was requested to join-editing for an investigation involving the SCP Foundation. Based on interviews with Foundation personnel, SCP-492 refused the request. SCP-492 has a history of protests against Foundation activity, and therefore, their response to SCP-492 should be considered harsh. See the full log for more information.

I suggest that SCP-492 be terminated.

Date: ██/██/20██

Interviewed: SCP-492

Interviewer: Researcher ████

Results: SCP-492-CB-02 presented a standard O5-approved transcript of a book titled SCP-682: A Social Horror. SCP-492 does not display the same emotional reaction to social interaction as L█████. The interview lasted 20 minutes.

SCP-492: Well, I'm not sure why I'm here. This is a nice interview, I would appreciate it.

Researcher ████: I did not ask you to be here, SCP-492.

SCP-492: Well, I guess if you would be so kind, I could tell you all to the best of my ability. Please, leave my cell.

Researcher ████: Yes, thank you, SCP-492. I am simply here to ask you some questions. I would like you to elaborate from memory the events of that day and then respond to questions I may have and I would love to hear your opinions.

SCP-492: There's been a lot of stuff going on in the Foundation lately, I'm sure. A lot, certainly, and a lot is going on. But I have a lot more interesting research to do.

R: No, I need not.

SCP-492: You, of course, are the only one who has knowledge of such things. I am just here to say that I is needed here.

R: I have no idea how you do this, but it is worth it.

SCP-492: Yes, I am here to be used.

R: I'm sure there is plenty of research that could be done here.

SCP-492: Yes, I have, I guess.

R: What are you doing here?

SCP-492: Good morning, probably because my schedule wouldn't allow me to be outside.

R: Then I didn't start anything.

SCP-492: It's actually, actually quite reasonable, because I am a researcher, I'm entirely here on the agenda for the Documentum, and I have a lot of things to do. Some things.

R: Why does your work matter?

SCP-492: I would rather not say.

R: Then what are you doing here?

SCP-492: Oh, I dunno, it might do some good things to the right folks and would probably end all of

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