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Item #: SCP-494

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-494-1 is to be kept in a storage locker at Site-84 unless it has been wiped of all traces of its original effect.

Description: SCP-494 is a collection of images and text to be placed in the back-list of the encyclopedia Spine Tree (normally held inside a standard dictionary). The library contains approximately 300,000 volumes with a total length of approximately 42,000 pages, and has been cataloged and cataloged at least ██ separate times.

SCP-494-1 is a collection of drawings that appear inside of the book. The SCP-494-1 instances vary from book to book: Some of the images are different, others will always be animated. SCP-494-1 will also appear in scenarios using many different means of drawing.

SCP-494-1 contains a series of drawings by an unidentified artist. The artwork can be viewed as SCP-494-2. The following is a list of examples of SCP-494-2:

-Spine Tree

-Firing Line

-The Painted Bird

-An Agent Hightail

-The Albatross


-Long Live The King

The most notable list is the Spine Tree, which can be viewed as SCP-494-3. The various drawings indicate that SCP-494-3 is an adult male rhesus macaque. With SCP-494-3, the drawings will attempt to communicate with people around them.

SCP-494-2 is a portrait of a young male crow. The drawings appear animated, drawn by an unknown mesh of cardboard, although the subject appears to have no recollection of having drawn the actual drawing of SCP-494-2.

The drawing of SCP-494-2 depicts the deceased cat, designated SCP-494-3. Each side of the drawing has different character characteristics:

SCP-494-3 will attempt to communicate with people around it.

SCP-494-3 appears to become more active during the course of the drawing.

SCP-494-3 will leave the drawing peacefully, after a period of 2-3 hours or after receiving a lecture from SCP-494-1.

NOTE: Any anomalies associated with this drawing were NOT detected during containment.

Images of SCP-494-2 contain a depiction of SCP-494-3, sitting in a wooden chair. While the hands it uses to draw the outline of SCP-494-2 have not been observed, SCP-494-3 does not appear to indicate an intention to violate protocol.

-Hospital Break

SCP-494-2 is a painting depicting a young woman, SCP-494-4. The artwork will attempt to counseling the constituent of the drawing with the characterizations of the individual's counterparts.

SCP-494-2 will become angry if they are not lectured to.

The following is a list of examples of SCP-494-2:

-The Flocking

-Vaguely Interesting Madness

-The Poltergeist

-Dr. Kondraki

-The Stranger

-The Incubus

-Racial Trait

-Void of Time

-The Old Man of the Lake

-And when the sun is full, the flowers will smell the change.

SCP-494-3 is a painted bird of some sort. The drawing depicts the left hand of the bird, which is the hand of SCP-494-2.

SCP-494-3 will vibrate in a manner that mimics a bird chirurg.

SCP-494-3 will leave the drawing peacefully after a period of 2-3 hours or after being lectured by SCP-494-1.


-To The Warnings

-Flight of the Comet

-The Sun

-The Red Night

-The Old Man of the Lake

-The Potion

-An Abandoned Library

-A Polaroid

Images of SCP-494-3 remain in the Foundation's possession until their entire mass has been wiped from the world, covered with a large, green substance. To date, SCP-494-3 has been located in ███████████, ██████, ████████████, ███████, ████████████, ████████, █████████, █████████████ ██, ██████████, ██████████████████████, [REDACTED]██, ████████████████████, ██████████, Site-███, ████████, ████████, [REDACTED] and ████████████, ████████████████████.

The Foundation

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