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Item #: SCP-495

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-495 is currently secured in the Safe-class contents locker of Site-143. Personnel are advised to not remove SCP-495 from the locker at any time.

Storage is to be designated as a 2m x 5m x 5m area of circular steel shelves designed for storing the body. There is to be no wood on the shelves.

Under no circumstances is SCP-495 to be stored in a tool shed.

Description: SCP-495 appeared to be a large, mostly undamaged wooden box containing various items. The layer of wood appears to be composed of several pieces of miscellaneous wooden parts and a clay mold.

When SCP-495 is loaded with objects and materials, the casing (as it is usually found) automatically places items on separate shelves, which are separated in two by the thickness of the lid. This allows the presses to proceed without the need of seals or gaps.

SCP-495 does not have any anomalous properties when the objects it contains are removed from the room in which it is loaded. Due to the nature of the objects, neither the entries nor the contents of the room are affected.

Upon removal of an object, any material not listed in the object class will be present. It is theorized that this material is comprised of other objects already stored in the room.

Addendum A:

SCP-495 was discovered on its way to the lab at Site-143, which was under construction at the time. The items entered the facility during containment when the site was being used for operations. The only personnel within the facility were a single facility maintenance agent at the Site-143 facility, an incoming motor vehicle, and Dr. Kimura. In addition, SCP-495 has been stored in Site-143 for the past two weeks under the guise of a medical item.

Due to the complexity of the research on SCP-495, no anomalous properties have been observed.

Addendum B:

In order to establish the testability of the SCP-495 experiment, the Foundation is to utilize the most recent SCP-275 to approach SCP-495 and have it visualize the object it is viewing. The SCP-275 has been constructed according to the specifications given to it by its author. A panel of researchers will evaluate the object's ability to handle difficult objects, including but not limited to

•Objects weighing over 10,000lb

•Hall or Chamber-style fire

•Expedient smoke catcher

•Emergency toolbox or tool locker

•Miscellaneous standard utility equipment

•Designated space

•Acoustic equipment

Results: SCP-495 successfully moved objects in the room. At no point did any objects interact with SCP-495.

Addendum C:

The object was found in the possession of Dr. K█████. While cleaning up a malfunction caused by one of his security cameras, Foundation personnel were alerted to the presence of an unknown object in Dr. K█████'s equipment locker. The object took upon the guise of a small toy helicopter and proceeded to load documents onto his person. After accompanying the object for approximately 10 minutes, Dr. K████'s surveillance equipment suddenly failed and the object was able to take off and land.

Upon falling from a high vantage point, D-██████ was able to successfully retrieve the object and cooperative with Foundation staff, which consisted of Dr. K█████, Dr. K█████, D-███████, and Dr. Luksen. D-██████ and D-███████ were switched to act as D-class personnel and Dr. Luksen was suspended in a chair on the security guard's right with the object in a magazine of liquid nitrogen. SCP-495 was removed from the area surrounding D-██████ and removed from observation.

Incident 495.2

On 15/03/2018, Agent ████ and Junior Researcher ████ entered the Site-143 Amnestic Support Center's wing and entered the main facility. They were attacked by members of the SCP-495 assembly. Upon entering the main building, it proceeded to violently attack the security guards, breaking one of its cabling and throwing a large portion of its assembly into the elevator shaft. The objects continued attacking and fails to kill any staff present at this point. After this incident, SCP-495 was recalled as a potential psychiatric hazard in which it could become aggressive.

An interview with ████████ regarding the incident is recorded below.

Interviewed: Agent ████

Interviewer: Dr. Luksen

[Unidentified voice of Agent ████ speaking throughout the interview is heard. The following transcript is an excerpt from SCP-495's interview with Senior Director ███]

Interviewed: Senior Director ████


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