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Item #: SCP-497

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-497 is to be maintained on-site at Site-17.

SCP-497 should be stored in a Thermos upright for use.

Description: SCP-497 is an oversized pouch of plastic materials, including stainless steel and a brass hinge. It appears to be the sole source of

marsh in the 1.3km radius.

SCP-497 does not display any other anomalous properties.

SCP-497 shows no signs of wear or damage to it.

SCP-497 does not appear to possess material properties.

SCP-497 was discovered on the ██████ █████ balloon run in ██████, ██, by Foundation personnel near what was described as a "bathroom stall". A small search of the stall revealed a large collection of decaying machinery. Foundation agents were sent into the stall in order to recover the item which had appeared in its original container.

The discovery of SCP-497 led to the frequent advent of children playing in the vicinity. Investigators reported a variety of childish traits, including

finding pet cats and children's instruments, regularly learning about toys and games, and being overgrown.

Addendum: Speaking of finding the equipment, the Foundation has discovered a specific area which may hold the material for the SCP-497, as well as the location of a process of transformation. The area is currently known as SCP-497-1.

Addendum(S): Letter received by Foundation personnel regarding the lack of response from Foundation personnel regarding the reports of SCP-497. The letter was recovered from a safe in the main office of Site-17.

• Doctor ████ █████

Dear ██████,

I have been discussing further research regarding our project using SCP-497 with myself and my colleagues. This project, called SCP-497, has been in the works for several months, and has consistently been conducted by Dr. ██████. I don't think he's interested in expanding this project, because he knows it will only get worse. It may be possible that Dr. ██████ will decide to expand SCP-497 further, and see if you're interested in the project.

I know that it's sad that he's gone, but I think it's worth discussing.

I want this project to be finished by January of next year. I will be requesting a response to SCP-497 now, because I hate wasting time around this project.


Doctor ███

• Dr. ██████

Sigh. Figures next year is what we have to work with, and we should be able to finish it by January. As for when we get a response from him, I'm not sure. I'd generally expect that we could get a response by May, but either way, we should be able to finish up SCP-496 by January of next year.


Doctor ██████

• Dr. ████████

Sigh. We are waiting for Reminder ████████.


Dr. ██████

• Dr. ████

I just want one reply.


Dr. ████

• Dr. ███

Not sure who wrote this, but there has been SO MANY stupid ideas, some ideas which are GREAT AND BLOWED ME STUPID, others which I really, REALLY, REALLY, SCREAMED AT, others which I ACTUALLY FUCKED UP AND NOW I HATE HIM FOR HAVING A CONVERSATION ABOUT IT.

I...I hate to see someone like Tremary ever leave, but I just have to have a MAJOR RESPONSE. I want to see if the ideas Sakra put into the project have any bearing on the concept of SCP-497.


Dr. ████

• Dr. T███████

Guys, this white box is fucking long. It needs to be thrown out, or someone needs to shake it out.

Looks like a phaser to me.

Not sure if this phaser is working.


I don't know what that thing is, but that thing is fucking soooooo much. I don't know how that thing handles that thing, but it looks like a parasite, you know? It eats its victims and it waggers and it sucks them out of the source of their intellect. It's still a parasite, and it's still a goddamn monstrosity, so I don't think I'd ever see that thing again, but that monstrosity certainly deserves a name.

See, it's a sentient patch of skin. It is made of corrugated cardboard,

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