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Item #: SCP-498

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-498 is to be maintained on-site at Research Site-███. Research into the probability of an instance of SCP-498-1 developing anomalous properties is to be conducted in the same ways as that of SCP-498-1.

Description: SCP-498 is an unknown language. SCP-498 consists of a variety of phrases and phrases in the lexicon of the language. At least 30 different phrases have been documented, but only 20 are known to be written in SCP-498 and as of yet unknown to the Foundation.

SCP-498 is defined by its usage and the physical structure of the current grammar and syntax. Also, while not technically a dialect, SCP-498-1 instances appear to be able to edit the Cantonese style of writing.

SCP-498-1 refers to a number of anomalous entities that exist in the minds of English speakers. SCP-498-1 instances are comprised of cells that have been containing a variety of human languages (for example, the Latin alphabet). SCP-498-1 instances tend to reside in the mind of individuals who use SCP-498. If an individual attempts to write in SCP-498, the user will display non-standard grammar, syntax, or word structure. Despite all of this, the user of SCP-498 will become sociable and adapt to cultural differences. They will also feel a strong desire to speak well-spoken dialects of the languages they are writing in.

SCP-498-1 instances can be described as "occult" entities. These entities are highly adaptable, as they naturally process language in any language. They have not shown any obvious use of language other than SCP-498. If asked to perform a certain action, a person will become "a" SCP-498-1 instance. If asked to write an article, a person will become a "corresponding" SCP-498-1 instance. It is notable that after being introduced to a society's language and culture, the influence of SCP-498-1 in the minds of individuals changes in interesting and meaningful ways.

SCP-498-1 instances have only known to appear in real life, where they can be treated as a class 3/498 entity.

SCP-498 was discovered by Foundation agents over the course of an investigation into a series of anomalous organizations located in ████████, ██████████. Agents found that a number of groups and organizations throughout the world had a large number of SCP-498-1 instances, some of which originated from built-up media such as books, comics, music videos, videos, speeches, novels, films and everything else in between. They had dispersed into various meetings which were used for convocations, speeches, poetry, and other sorts of speech. Agents monitored such meetings to gain an understanding of the individuals behind them. The Foundation discovered evidence that SCP-498 instances had apparently spread from SCP-498 itself, and its influence was being exerted on some of the organizations.

Agents encountered SCP-498-1. See Addendum-498-1.

Report Log 98-C: Interview with item-specification and the introduction of the SCP-498 speakers.

Interviewee: SCP-498-1 obtained by Foundation agents

Interviewer: Agent ███████

Interviewee: SCP-498-1

Agent ███████: Alright, I've got to ask you something, Mr. SCP-498. If you can provide me with the facts that I could use to prove my theory, we can discuss this with you.

SCP-498-1: For a second there ███████, I was unsure, and that's still not a different theory.

Agent ███████: And then you said you were unsure.

SCP-498-1: Ah, well, that is not quite true. I was actually on a first-hand basis to give my version of events. I mean, I believed ███████ was a good man who was planning something. Sure, ███████ may have come out wrong, but he had a strong idea on how he wanted his fans to react to him. A lot of luck, yes, but all I did was to make sure everybody was solidly behind him. It was a hard-fought victory, but people were happy to see a lone warrior come back so soon after being defeated.

Agent ███████: This shouldn't surprise you. We've all had our fair share of failures.

SCP-498-1: And more importantly, I think that the sense of belonging telling us to act hard has worn well.

Agent ███████: I am quite understanding.

SCP-498-1: Yes, that is true. Regardless, I do

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