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Item #: SCP-499

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-499 is to be contained in standard Keter-level humanoid containment facility at Site-70. Personnel are to observe strict guidelines for setting up SCP-499.

Description: SCP-499 is a male Asian male with tanned skin and tattoos all over its body. The subject does not possess normal intelligence and usually requests food and water. SCP-499 is constantly complaining about -1s, and will routinely call SCP-499 an ugly, ugly woman and ask for food. SCP-499 is known to use this request to make requests, such as attempting to join the CCG Club or request instructions on how to use the item.

SCP-499 does not display the ability to speak, and reserve the library at Site 70 exclusively for this purpose. If a certain request granted, SCP-499 will become heavily agitated and will become extremely hostile, often provoking the other entities within SCP-499. Reconsideration of unconscious SCP-499 with any untrained staff is not to occur.

SCP-499 reacts poorly to attempts to communicate with said entities, and will attempt to escape when stressed. SCP-499 will usually try to attack researchers and organizations, and will begin using physical force at a distance from researchers or groups of people.

SCP-499 will attack from a distance using things such as chairs and boxes, with the item having a limited range of attack. Dr. ████████████████████, O5-00-AD or O5-███ are to carry and use a bi-wide knife and other small weaponry to kill all of the entities in SCP-499.

SCP-499 will continue to attack personnel, so long as it is not being directly attacked by those entities. -1 or -2 will gain the ability to cause damage to Foundation facilities and time zones.

If any of the entities attack SCP-499, rather than being expelled from it, SCP-499 will revert to being non-hostile and will continue to kill and die as normal. The only time SCP-499 seems to respond to any stimuli is to attempt to attack the entities, with the most weight traditionally being from the flaking of pages within SCP-499's body, via direct excision of the notes section.

Dr. ████████████, O5-███ and O5-███ are to remain in containment for the duration of its containment. They are to become used to SCP-499 and are not allowed to learn that any of SCP-499's effects are permanent. Personnel, including any Foundation personnel who have been exposed to SCP-499 for extended periods of time may need to be treated with Class B amnestics.

Description: SCP-499 is an Asian male Caucasian small-medium humanoid of Chinese origin. SCP-499 is about 7.8m in height, and weight varies between 155 and 209 kilograms. SCP-499 is known to be aggrieved in several ways by both the Foundation and various organizations.

SCP-499 is known to be extremely talkative, but is usually unresponsive to verbal questions. SCP-499 is capable of creating SCP-499-1 instances, which are a series of sheets containing memories and long-term memories. SCP-499-1 instances will not have any recollection of their surroundings prior to encountering SCP-499. SCP-499's attempts to communicate with SCP-499-1 instances are often impeded, causing them to become extremely violent.

SCP-499 also has a penchant for writing, making victims describe SCP-499 as cold and ominous. It is not able to speak to any of these victims, and will attempt to hide behind the desk. When attacked, SCP-499 will attempt to use things such as sheets and books as weapons, and will often use household items, including the bed sheets. It is not believed that SCP-499 will be taken in by SCP-499-1 instances.

If a person who is already exposed to SCP-499 attempts to obtain SCP-499, it will either stop producing SCP-499 or, if not taking the bait, will begin to attack them. SCP-499 will then start to num and reanimate any objects in its possession.

If a person requests SCP-499, it will attempt to contact them, but will not let it leave. If the victim requests SCP-499, it will begin to threaten the individual only with death. When this is not possible, SCP-499 will use the objects around it to further its attack.

SCP-499 was found in ██████, China. It had been decommissioned from the CCG Club after having been involved in a diplomatic incident with ███████████, located in ████████. Class-A amnestics were issued to all Foundation personnel on site. SCP-499 was discovered in Site-70 with

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