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Item #: SCP-500

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-500 is to be loaded into a high-powered object loader and kept in super-charge in a standard storage container at Site-81. Due to the nature of SCP-500's anomalous properties, overseeing personnel who were not present at the Incident 509-2 event have been advised that instances of SCP-500 are not to be handled by non-human persons.

SCP-500 is to be fed three (3) 20ml containers of fresh fruit juice twice daily, and is to be kept in a low-stress environment at all times. It is not to be exposed to any object more than two (2) meters in height.

Description: SCP-500 is a portable Apple Pie of unknown purpose or origin. The [REDACTED] brand is also visually identical to that of [REDACTED] and appears to be a child-model Apple brand of silver, but apparently also somewhat lighter in color and texture. SCP-500 is able to cause a circular 'decomposed' object to appear in the middle of the room, known as a SCP-500-1 object. When taken, instances of SCP-500 show signs of being slightly different in appearance, yet retain the original appearance of the object.

Addendum, Incident 3701-A

Incident 3701-A: On 2-15-2013, Dr. Alice Mason, assistant to Dr. ██████ created a small instance of SCP-500, using Foundation SCP-571 as a base material. The instance is a bronze (obviously not silver) wooden box, with a ████ mm thick stainless steel encircling the base. In the center of the box is a ████mm tall statue of a man that claims to be Quelle Obnaut, owner of the ████ ████ ██████ █████ ██████, a ████ pumpkin-seed company. Research staff present and in contact with SCP-571 reported a change in general color and texture. The effect lasted for 1-4 hardships.

Addendum: On 7-18-2013, Dr. Mason was placed in contact with SCP-501, so that researchers working under her could observe SCP-500. The following interview log was conducted by Dr. Magai on the ████-█-2013 incident. Dr. Magai was instructed to seek out SCP-571 whenever possible and dismantle it. Dr. Magai was then instructed to remove SCP-571, and for testing purposes, to duplicate the original instance. SCP-571 was brought out and a tissue sample taken. SCP-571 was then placed inside of SCP-571. Dr. Magai was then instructed:


Interview-B-C Interview-B-C

Interview-B-A: On 7-27-2013, Dr. Allen ██████, a researcher assigned to SCP-571 was informed that Dr. T█████████ had been given permission to experiment with SCP-571. Dr. ██████ was informed that testing would continue. Dr. ██████ was instructed to remove SCP-571.

Dr. ██████: Okay Mr. John, I'll take that ball and run. (Laughs)

(Dr. ██████ stands up and goes to the corner of the room and uses SCP-571 to knock SCP-571 out of the box, and throws it onto the floor.)

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