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Item #: SCP-501

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-501 requires no special containment procedures. Treats as a normal, non-anomalous, non-dangerous dog and is not subject to any known forms of self-mutilation.

A person wishing to interact with SCP-501 is to be provided with a tether leash and an electric leash at least one meter long. Any individuals who have interacted with SCP-501 are to be closely monitored by security staff. Contact with SCP-501 has been logged as a result of a wild and uncontrollable cat in Frankfurt, Germany. In the event of contact with SCP-501, it is to be arrested and taken into Foundation custody.

Upon arrival to Dr. █████'s office with a theft report of the office, SCP-501 will be treated as an unlicensed canine companion with the usual safeguards. If in its interests to attack Foundation personnel, however, it may be used for this purpose in the future. Note that if personnel interfere with SCP-501, the exception should be considered replaced with a completely appropriate guard dog.

Description: SCP-501 is a normal canine of mixed breed, Age 3-8, with a Caucasian coloration, 6-8 feet tall, and white fur. Routinely manifests itself as a large, stout, 9-11-2-2-2-2-1-0. SCP-501 is intelligent and playful, and will attempt to kill any enemy personnel within its immediate vicinity. If threatened, it will attempt to retaliate by biting any person, which will cause severe pain to the person in question. This pain is usually painful in the form of constriction and tingling sensations.

SCP-501 was able to survive in a small house with no humans, even in the middle of a large house, and will therefore be able to reach out and grab any items it finds should it find them. In the case of a raid on a house, SCP-501 exhibits the ability to create a number of glacial balls for use as tools.

SCP-501 does not, however, accompany the user in search of food items. It has been observed to only kill if ordered to do so.

SCP-501 was used in the World War II treatment of the Eastern Front, in an operation to retrieve an abandoned German machine (built by a war crime ring operating in the East) from the German Military. It appears to be operated by someone from another dimension. However, during the operation, SCP-501 bit 2,9% of the house, causing the area to collapse, after being attacked by German soldiers at a small node in the house.

Description: SCP-501 was originally captured in Great Britain in 1939, as part of the Operation Metternich Raid. Upon discovering SCP-501 in the house of a female named Mary O'Callaghan, a group was formed and was led by Agent J. Baldwin, who had previously worked for the Foundation. The group was able to neutralize SCP-501. It had recently been reconsiled into a humanoid form, and the agents were led to believe that this could allow them to attack and capture it.

Agent Baldwin, however, was unaware that SCP-501 was previously in possession of an additional third hand, which was able to overpower SCP-501 without harming it. When SCP-501 was in its humanoid form, Agent Baldwin was able to perform a procedure that resulted in its death. SCP-501 reacted by biting him and then tearing off his hands, effectively severing his hands in the process.

Once Agent Baldwin's life was eliminated, SCP-501 was able to escape the room and re-ascend. Thus far, SCP-501 has escaped 4 containment breaches by other personnel.

When left alone, SCP-501 is capable of traveling in lateral motion, much like the Phantom Limb. SCP-501 is capable of breaking through barriers with its arms.

SCP-501 has a unique odor, which is a strong scent of homemade ketchup (Portlands, USA). SCP-501 has one of the many company logos tattooed on its wrists and chest armor.

SCP-501 was initially gathered on a counter at a local animal shelter and was there for a number of hours before being discovered by SCP-203, who alerted the other members of the group. SCP-201, who was already in possession of SCP-501, then activated SCP-501's rend ability and used it to inflict extreme pain to Agent Baldwin. SCP-501 was then transferred to SCP-203, who then became aware of SCP-501. SCP-501 then proceeded to bite Agent Baldwin. When asked to explain, SCP-201 denied knowledge of SCP-501's original form of life.

SCP-501 was then placed in a containment cell without the use of restraints. As of this moment, there are no known D-

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