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Item #: SCP-502

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-502 is to be contained at Site-67. Access to SCP-502 is to be restricted to personnel with Level 2 Clearance. Personnel with more than one clearance level over degree level 3 and above (or an affiliated entity with advanced Level 4 clearance) are to be contactable in order to request SCP-502's containment. SCP-502 is to be monitored for signs of illness or other deviations of its current state. Contact with SCP-502 is to be limited to personnel with Level 1 Clearance or higher. It is to be maintained in a biohazard containment room in Site 67.

Description: SCP-502 is a portable Biohazard containment chamber which has been constructed of various biohazard materials sourced from various races on Earth and made entirely of human flesh. SCP-502 has undergone several repairs. The first notable improvement was the removal of the lid and screen door which, when removed, could contain approximately ████ (7) tons of ████ human skeletal remains. Unless the subject was willing to come into contact with SCP-502 with its legs, near-complete human skeletal remains would have been contained in SCP-502 for longer. To this date, all human remains contained within SCP-502 have since been incinerated and are no longer subject to the "clean" treatment.

SCP-502 possesses several qualities to make it potentially useful for medical purposes. The most obvious, however, is its ability to "show" the opposite sex. Depending on whether or not a subject comes into contact with SCP-502, the opposite gender will be passed on to the subject's parent for the duration of their biological lifetime. Dated by method of birth, the subject will give birth to 1 to 3 children after their birth. Children passed on to the opposite gender are also affected, with their mothers passing on to their mothers and fathers. However, while the two children are children of the same person, they do not age at the same rate the subject's parents appeared to age.

SCP-502 is capable of displaying both sexes as it desires without any alterations in the normal aging process. This is due to an unknown property of the subject's mind. All subjects who have told O5 Command or the Ethics Committee suspected of seeing the opposite gender (or the same gender) as the opposite in an activity have presented the same behavior to the opposite gender and are presumed to be affected by this anomaly. Serious health issues from SCP-502's current form are subject to termination immediately.

SCP-502 will respond to any human related contact with it with a positive emotion, usually verging on mirth. Subjects whom SCP-502 interacts with personally report seeing more complex and "wonderful" hallucinations. No other difference between the hallucinations and real hallucinations has been recorded. SCP-502 is able to "choreograph" how individuals are interacting with it, and can arrange its selections accordingly. For example, SCP-502 "choreographs" how language is used, and how a speaker handles "good" and "bad" and "lifeline" arguments. SCP-502 is able to "tune" speakers with its anomalous ability, including even non-existent controls. SCP-502 is able to use advanced mental modeling to allow speakers of its anomalous ability to direct its attention toward resources to the negative or "lesser" gender.

SCP-502's ability to manipulate people in this manner is also applied to other metafiction. No significant differences between human and metafiction have been noted, with all other metafiction controlled by various types of humans. However, humans who have interacted with it report feeling more of a "happiness" when engaged with it. For example, individuals who have met SCP-502 describe it as a "happy messenger", while metafictions control by any manifestation of human interaction describe it as a "happy skeleton".

One or more of SCP-502's staff will direct the subject's attention towards the opposite gender of the given opposite sex. When the subject sees this, SCP-502 will become aggressive, and will attempt to physically remove the subject off of their bed by force via various means. As of currently unknown mechanisms, each time SCP-502 is threatened, it will become more assertive and violent, with psychological and suicidal tendencies becoming more apparent.

Addendum 4) Interview, Interview Memorandum, and Incident Report 5 by Dr. C. A., Dr. R. F., Dr. F. D.

Interviewed: SCP-502

Interviewer: Dr. J.

Foreword: The following interview took place shortly after SCP-502 first admitted to habitation. Dr. C. A. was introduced to SCP-502's staff by requesting permission to use it.

Researcher C. A. was introduced to SCP-502's staff by requesting permission to use it. "I'm

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