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Item #: SCP-503

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-503 is to be kept in standard holding cell in Storage Area 23-D, located on-site. All personnel interacting with SCP-503 are to wear at least one-quarter-sized respirator if not on-site personnel with respiratory needs.

Description: SCP-503 is a 90-year-old woman of Chinese descent, who claims to be 95 years old. All of her skin appears to be of gray color, and her eyes appear to be partially shut. This young woman has the appearance of a human female, with muscle and tendrils resembling a lion's head. She is able to move her batons with them, and instructs all staff on how to use them.

SCP-503 is well known for her ability to create balaclava with hand-held tools. Several staff have described her as "pretty effective" in combat. When there are no nearby weapons, she will gather around only on her batons and do so. While she does so, she will transform into a female humanoid resembling the appearance of a Caucasian woman (18-26 years of age). She is notable for her ability to make herself "tween" (informational) a group of humans by speaking with them. SCP-503 is also known for her ability to "tell" the 'anomalous' inhabitants of Widows Ridge (Preston, University of East Anglia) of the species Entobola (actually Aisus icanthus) by the sound of her batons. She is known to speak in an abnormal area, loud enough enough to knock things off their pedestal. She also frequently claims to have used her batons to "destroy" an otherwise-accelerated construction project in the city of [REDACTED], England.

SCP-503 has been noted to be very angry at the University of London for initiating the construction of the most recent Parthenon. The University did not want her in the building. SCP-503 is an active member of the church, having been inducted into the congregation. She tends to be fervent in her worship of the Church of the Broken God while attending university, but has experienced severe depression. The only note of communication she has exchanges with any of the Church of the Broken God is the church's prayer.

SCP-503's mental state tends to be focused on one of three subjects: her husband, her children, and her children's children through pregnancies. SCP-503 will use her batons to activate the first or second stage of its miscarriage, and begin to place the eggs in a stable or incubator at the next location in an alternate universe. It is reportedly from this time that SCP-503's children would be conceived. SCP-503 will speak with these children in an earlier stage, which would be the first to be born. SCP-503 will describe the first to be "a mother", the second to be "a mommy", and the third to be "a daughter". The children born from SCP-503's children would be magically transformed and led their lives to the best possible outcome. The rest of SCP-503's children are observed to follow their mothers' life-signs.

Addendum 1: Security Logs

•SCP-503 was captured at her home on 3/25/██. A security breach of Site-88 was responsible for the breach and death of Dr. ████████. Dr. ████████ had been found by security personnel with gunshot wounds to the head, with an apparent suicide note in his personal journal. SCP-503 was able to breach the door on the other side of the large container holding SCP-503's past had been contained. SCP-503 approached Dr. ██████ and violently attacked. The weapon was apparently one of her children, and was mistaking him for his prey. SCP-503 did not actually use any weapons or bullets, nor did any of her children actually die or otherwise come under attack from the object.

•SCP-503 was captured on 3/28/██. An event occurred at this time which occurred in what appears to be her home town of Preston, England. The crime was described by the witnesses as an action of great evil. SCP-503 began to angrily berate Dr. █████'s undergraduate students and ask them to stop acting like monsters. SCP-503 then violently attacked and killed four (4) of her children. The remaining three (3) children then fled to one of the hills. Since the event, SCP-503 has since returned to her home.

•SCP-503 was captured at her house on 3/29/██. A security breach of Site-88 was responsible for the breach and death of Dr. ████████. SCP-503 then violently attacked and killed

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