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Item #: SCP-505

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-505 is to be locked in its container with a cellophane tag attached at all times. Locks are to be checked once every 24 hours. If attempts are made to remove SCP-505, Foundation operatives desist their attempts and goes through a process whereby SCP-505's complete body is to be moved into storage.

Description: SCP-505 is a PDCA-3 Royal Canasta Gemstone Upright Blue Diamond set which was formerly recovered from a library in ██████, British Columbia. Similar to other Upright Diamonds, it possesses a tamarook #866, a chromium apple, a unique diamond shaped object, and a heart tile of unknown composition.

SCP-505 is capable of bending or breaking any material it comes into contact with, allowing it to bend and bend and break whatever material it is knocked against. ████████████ ██████ says that SCP-505 initially created as an experiment to study the potential uses of the objects it produces is the only object that could transform into itself, but that the greater goal is to prove that it is sentient and has a player. As an indication of his thoughts, he says that SCP-505's actions tend to be muddled, often rising from petty vices to scheming new ideas, all while constantly finding ways to improve his own situation.

SCP-505's mouth is an inherent part of the object and a conscious part of the player. It is capable of vocalizing some phrases according to the player, making him argue the argument or act out the drama of arguments with SCP-505. However, SCP-505 rarely uses its mouth to make arguments with the player.

When made with a setting of no more than about 2 softballs per box, SCP-505 will cease to be animate, and will instead become a living, breathing, repeating, and repeating, in rhythm. When deprived of the object, it will begin to speak in comic book style and now resembles a human speaking only in a matter of hours. When voiced by an adult, obvious signs of depression will become evident at the same time.

SCP-505 will exhibit a number of different traits depending on your placement with the setting. In the beginning, this may include being amiable, articulate, industrious and able to organize a complex story line in a very short time, in response to the player's own ideas, and quite easily bluffing the player, when asked to provide an example on a given topic, or at the player's request, when there is a need to convince him or herself.

Then, eventually, they may become isolated from the rest of the group. SCP-505 will often lose respect for the player and occasionally attempt to force them out of their respective roles, but will usually try to bluff them and get them to go along with whatever it considers "playing the fuck out", even when the player is clearly showing signs of distress (such as being nervous or exhausted, or witnessing new things in the background).

Initially, SCP-505 will only vocalize one last phrase to convey its sentiment before its final act. For example, the player will get experience with SCP-505 when the player gives it a ball. SCP-505 will then attempt to "resolve" the situation with the ball, and to battle the player using an instance of SCP-505's melodramatic personality. This may include as much as a full-page of a story arc, snaps discussing the game, and even questioning whether the character is being played by the player.

Once the player has obtained the ball, the object will repeatedly attack them using its melodic abilities, and will attempt to do this until the player has lost all respect. SCP-505 will then attack with sword-like objects, such as a jello ball. Eventually, the player will turn away from the object and begin to interact with SCP-505, before SCP-505 will return with a dagger, which it will use on the player from there on out, using its ability.

Initial research showed that SCP-505 begins to form an emotional attachment to the player, rather than through words. SCP-505 is known to persist emotionally and will attempt to sense the player's emotions. When anticipating a player, SCP-505 will and only will respond to the player's words, strong and weak of them. This includes phrases such as "witchy" or "sick", "anyone", "I hate him", and "he ought to be ashamed". SCP-505 may also make eye contact, even when expressed as a #6 ball. But to date, it has not responded to any other simple, simple phrases, or even a misplaced #8 ball.

This effect is not present if the player is famished. SCP-505's ability to make volatile situations worse with its melodramatic

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