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Item #: SCP-508

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-508 is to be kept in a locked, dry location in ██████, ██. While in containment, it is to be kept in a standard-storage container of appropriate size at Site-███. In the event of containment breach, personnel should enter the containment chamber, retrieve SCP-508, and then come out with riot gear and use tasers.

Description: SCP-508 appears to be a dark-skinned adult male, 20 years of age, of medium build and fair complexion. SCP-508 is capable of full movement and dexterity, but is more prone to falling and blowing wind than other humanoids.

SCP-508's physical form is identical to a typical Xenapedia livida, though its anomalous properties occur when exposed to water or soil.

Subjects who experience SCP-508 affect other subjects will suffer horrifically disastrous reactions after a certain time period.

After experiencing SCP-508's effects, subjects will manifest as a red-skinned adult human male, 30 years of age, known as SCP-508-a. SCP-508-a will immediately begin to exhibit dissociation and burn out. SCP-508-a will then cease to exist for one (1) hour.

SCP-508-a is that of a homunculus of an adult human, with the exception of a finger-like appendage extending from its back, which does not extend past the ankle-bones. SCP-508-a will also change shapes to resemble a shape of a three-legged amphibian similar to coracles, however without the 'hatch' facial structure of birds. SCP-508-a is humanoid, and has a large bulbous nose and is capable of speech.

SCP-508-a will repeatedly speak and mimic an adult human, with many of the speech occurring in a spectral environment. The speech is in an unknown language, and words produced in this manner are interchangeable between subjects. SCP-508-a will also frequently attempt to contact subjects by placing its hand on their heads with the precision and accuracy of a humanoid voice.

SCP-508-a is currently being kept in a flat chest-like container within Site-███. As it is being put in containment, SCP-508-a will discuss a document regarding a peaceful agreement between the Foundation and Xenapedia Livida. This is known to entail a general demand that SCP-508 be dissolved.

Addendum 598-1: Testing Logs

Test Log #:FINAL

Date: ██/██/20██

Researcher: Researcher ███████

Testing referred to the room containing SCP-508-a.

Researcher ███████: I see that you are a non-anomalous human, did you not?

SCP-508-a: Yes.

Researcher ███████: What was written in the document?

SCP-508-a: It's a "Peace Agreement" between the Foundation and Xenapedia Livida.

Researcher ███████: The "Peace Agreement" mentioned in the document? How is it different from what the Foundation and Xenapedia Livida have already been working to come to terms on?

SCP-508-a: It's a peace agreement, but it's also a peace agreement that took place over two thousand years.

Researcher ███████: Did you actually agree with it?

SCP-508-a: Yeah.

Researcher ███████: We just wanted to see whether or not you were capable of understanding the full meaning behind the document.

SCP-508-a: Yes. I'm sorry.

Researcher ███████: I'd like to know that.

SCP-508-a: I like peace agreements, but it always feels like we've already agreed on something.

Researcher ███████: We all agreed that the Foundation police would be infiltrated by members of Xenapedia Livida.

SCP-508-a: That was not the point of the document.

Researcher ███████: I see.

Unidentified Testing Subjects

Test #:FINAL

Date: ██/██/20██

Researcher ███████: Open the door and bring SCP-507-A in.

SCP-508-a: Phew.

Researcher ███████: What should I do next?

SCP-508-a: Put it in the storage container.

Researcher ███████: Okay.

Instances of SCP-508-a come out of the storage container and approach SCP-508-2.

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