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Item #: SCP-509

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Site-49 "68s Garage" is surrounded by barbed wire. The entrance to SCP-509 is to be closed to visitors on a daily basis, at least 20 minutes apart. The basement of SCP-509 is to be patrolled every hour so that no personnel or staff are to enter the premises or be located.

Description: SCP-509 consists of a collection of twenty (20) anomalous items. The thirteen (13) objects appear to be a collection of different comic books that have been absorbed by SCP-509. After the Foundation itself recreated material from SCP-509, all anomalous properties outside of the confines of the original text had been lost.

SCP-509 itself appears to be a collection of original material created in the English-speaking world. All anomalous properties have been restored to the original texts, and all displays of SCP-509 appear to be identical. No three copies of SCP-509 have the same content. However, if a specific version of SCP-509 is present in any copy of the original text of any comic book, the authors of that version will actively attempt to hide it from others, and will aggressively reinforce the same effects.

SCP-509 displays a remarkably high degree of magic, and is capable of bending or dislocating objects, both tangible and intangible, with remarkable speed. It is also capable of unleashing items, though intangible effects can only be negated by SCP-509.

SCP-509 includes its own instances of SCP-509, and they manifest in paper-thin sheets. Although not formulaic or procedurally unphased, these sheets can be manipulated or otherwise changed in such a way that SCP-509 itself will effectively melt any substrate it exists on. SCP-509 will also merge all other copies of SCP-509 into itself, in a manner no other material can, giving form to a single instance of SCP-509. No similarity to the rest of SCP-509 has been found.

The Foundation itself will attempt to conduct a series of experiments to determine the effects of SCP-509. In order to accomplish this, the Foundation will attempt to write a comic book that is written in English, using the root word. The Foundation itself will also attempt to contain SCP-509, using whatever material exists within his cuffs. At this point, he may become weaker enough to escape his restraints, at least in the case of Foundation-created books.

Addendum: On 12/12/████, personnel at Site-49 discovered a collection of material containing SCP-509 in what appeared to be a house in ████████, ███████. All personnel were instructed to look for copies of SCP-509, and attempt to create copies of any other comics currently in their possession. Residents reported seeing a distinct pitch black sky a short distance from the scene, and for people in the house, the sound of a gunshot could be heard.

Foundation agents remain in the house with glass windows, and are reportedly using multiple rifles and a few shotguns loaded with small rounds of ammunition. Agent ████████████ is dead. Agent ████████████ has been shot and is in the process of breaking free of his restraints.

Agent ████████████ apparently died when SCP-509 exploded itself. Agent ████████, Agent ████████████, Agent ████████, Agent ███████, Agent ██████, Agent ████████, Agent ████████ and Agent ████████ are dead. Agent ████████ has to be replaced instead through prolonged use of his restraints. Agent ████████ has been broken to pieces, and Agent ████████ is anemic. Agent ████████, Agent ████████████, Agent ████████, Agent ████████, Agent ████████████, Agent ████████, Agent ████████, Agent ████ and Agent ████████ have been suspended, and making Elementals appear in various parts of Site-49. Agent ████████ has been brought to the surface now that SCP-509 is a large sheet of text. Agent ████████ was immobilized and has remained in the basement; Agent ████████████ was killed in the blast. Agent ████████ was taken to Hospital-█████; Doctor ████████████, Doctor ████████████, Doctor ████████████, Doctor ████████████, Doctor █████████████, Doctor ████████████, Doctor ████████████, Doctor █████████████, Agent ████████████, Agent ████████████████, Doctor ████████████████, Doctor ████████████, Doctor █████████████, Doctor ██████████████, Agent ██████████████, Agent ████████████, Agent ████████████████, Agent ████████████████,

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