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Item #: SCP-510

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: It is restricted to testing with an authorized researcher with level 3 security clearance.

Description: SCP-510 is the collective designation for eight of twenty-seven specimens of Apocephalus acprimus, an anomalous bird-bird family of perectus (common pigeon), flavocere (delayed pigeon) and inbred pair-formations of Trinidad (threatened pigeon) and Cape May (germane pigeon). These specimens are distinguished from each other due to the fact that they are all treated as SCP-510 and are contained concurrently with the other birds.

SCP-510 was first discovered and contained in Mainz, Germany by a group of pranksters in 1958 under the moniker of "the Bastards", after a prank in which the original methods of containment failed, and SCP-510 was moved to the suburbs of the city by pranksters claiming to be Doctor Wondertainment's "Uncle Bob" toy. Local journalist and adventurer J. W. ████████ was imprisoned in the back of a van for the original incident. The incident ended when SCP-510 became more active and has since been described in Foundation lore as "the Foundation's worst nightmare come true". According to the accounts of SCP-510's associates at the time, he was eventually retired and his story was cut from the routine newspaper "The People's Project". According to local legend, ████████ was No. 1 on the list of SCP-510's remains, but was discovered in the wreckage of a ship rather than SCP-510's containment chamber.

In 1996, a schoolyard game was held near ████████████, Florida. No containment procedures were put in place, but later events in connection with the disappearance of staff at ████████████'s class of 88 students caused SCP-510 to be returned to the backyard. The containment procedures have since been remedied and current containment procedures for SCP-510 are in effect to prevent further mass containment breaches. Procedures are in effect to prevent further incidents and deaths from SCP-510.

SCP-510-1 possesses sight, hearing, flight, manipulation, telepathic abilities, specific invulnerability to deprivation of food, smell, heat, sound, and light, and a lithe, masked appendage extending to nearly three meters in length and measuring four meters in diameter and approximately five meters in height. Material-level Slime Armor of unknown composition.

SCP-510-2 possesses discernment, coherency, intelligence, canine intelligence, a singularity of extreme size and strength, medium dexterity, limited endurance, and withered limbs in its joints.

SCP-510-3 possesses the ability to attain Doppelganger status through the use of rudimentary hair growth. Chipped iron armor of unknown composition.

SCP-510-4 possesses the ability to lose physical attributes through the use of rudimentary hair growth. Chipped iron armor of unknown composition.

SCP-510-5 possesses both large eyeballs, a wing-like appendage and a vocalization.

SCP-510-6 possesses the ability to speak to animals, preferring to use this ability on other animals against their will.

SCP-510-7 possesses the ability to communicate with humans using metaphor, especially during the period of isolation between hatching and natal giving, between the ages of five to fourteen.

SCP-510-8 possesses the ability to speak to animals in another language while occasionally seeming to be communicating using multiple languages. This ability is especially useful in collaboration with other SCP-510.

SCP-510-9 possesses a protracted offset for the operation of an exotic non-food item.

SCP-510-10 possesses a tongue. All entities in its vicinity are able to vocalize in a number of languages, regardless of their native language.

Despite possessing a transparent visor with three projections of[REDACTED], SCP-510 is not capable of sight, hearing, sight, smell, light vision, or sightseeing.

SCP-510 does not have the capability of navigating between locations in the same area.

SCP-510 was first encountered at ████████████, Florida on 15/1/19██. Dozens of SCP-510-3 instances approached the warehouse, prompting personnel to re-suppress the instance in order to avoid further containment breaches. A firefight ensued when SCP-510-3 instances, using the same weapons as SCP-510, began attacking the building and attempting to breach the door. Firefights lasted for █ hours. SCP-510-3 instances were subdued only by the use of a water cannon.

Addendum 510-B: June ██, 20██

SCP-510-1 has been found in █████ ██████, New Mexico. The victim has passed away. Victims generally exhibit no memory of the event

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