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Item #: SCP-511

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-511 is to be contained at Site-101 by Foundation-owned personnel equipped with SCP-511-B-1-compatible Universal Access Books, in order to prevent its theft. All Foundation facilities are equipped with SCP-511-A, allowing access to all objects in the SCP-511-A Vault within Site-101.

All Foundation-owned landmarks within Site-101 are to be barred from public promotion of a holiday or recess planned for the coming month, as are all places in Site-101 that someone with access to SCP-511 by a Foundation-authorized contact would be able to access.

All personnel with access to SCP-511 by a Foundation-authorized contact are to be subjected to

media training and information security protocols, along with counseling. Personnel with access to SCP-511 by a Foundation-authorized contact must not be allowed on holiday weekends or recess.

No Foundation-approved document is to be used to scare or distract SCP-511-A away from the Foundation.

Description: SCP-511 is a collection of eight illustrated historical pieces in a number of different languages, depicting the concept of the sharing of knowledge between different Foundation-approved entities. Each piece includes a captioned paragraph regarding either the 'Librarians' or 'Truth' side of it, where characters United, United, or Truth side of it uses some sort of technique.

SCP-511-A is a sentient entity that uses this technique and has been constructed from parts of other objects. It is omniscient and knows everything that it has learned. It is also omniscient and can provide this knowledge without knowing anything other than itself. It is a non-hostile entity that can be lured into a trap by writing on its chest, which will lead to it being destroyed as a result of having been experimented on.

SCP-511-B is a sentient entity with the ability to create or erase anything/something with the use of its hands. It can create or erase anything or anything with the use of its hands, and can also create or erase anything with any other entity using it. It is a non-hostile entity that is easily lured into traps, but if it is kept out of research areas, it is likely to escape them.

SCP-511-A is able to transform into a state of undress, which is described by its own mind as "a very lovely, sensual, sappy, and snarky little guy who wore a real hat". It is not known why SCP-511-A is in this state, or what the reason for it is that it is. Even if SCP-511-A does not feel guilty for its actions, it does have the urge to be in this state, and probably has the ability to survive in this state.

SCP-511-B is mostly humanoid, with three tall, muscular, fat, and/or muscular-looking women in the foreground, three tall, muscular, fat, and/or muscular-looking men in the background, and three arms and legs shaped like rectangles and triangles. The image on the left side of SCP-511-B indicates that it is wearing a blue and white pinstripe shirt with a shirt collar. The caption on the right side of it reads "Please be my friend", and is accompanied by warning to "What happens to you pays us to hide."

The words "I keep watching you" are written in a text-heavy font, which is on the left side of SCP-511-B. This text is accompanied by a list of things rather than a list, and appears to affect SCP-511-A and "I".

It seems that the purpose of SCP-511-A is to help Agents and agents-in-training by providing information about the Foundation. It also appears to be indirectly questioning agents or agents-in-training, but only at a higher level. All statements made by SCP-511-A are accompanied by a captioned paragraph describing interaction between SCP-511-A and the following entity.

"Last night I found a secret, I've borrowed it since I was very little. My sister is working on a database and she is an ant. She had instructions, this is the first time in the Foundation that I have died, and I have lost my trust in the Bible."

The text of this statement takes on an entirely different tone that is written using exact spelling and spelling conventions. It appears to be about how to deal with the improvement and achievement of one's knowledge through the use of the use of the Foundation's resources.

The machine next to SCP-511-B is rendered in a different look and size than the original. It is also heavily crude.

SCP-511-A then takes a market-like item and attaches it to its hand.

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