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Item #: SCP-512

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-512 is to be contained in standard humanoid containment cell at Site-9. SCP-512 is to be allowed access to Level 5 or higher scientific data, including year-old research files.

Description: SCP-512 is a chimpanzee (Pongo chum), 65 years of age, 1.1x5m tall. The anomalous effect of SCP-512 has been found to exist in multiple thousands of recorded accounts of its life and personifications.

SCP-512 will attempt to reanimate SCP-619, using her brain. The chance of success of this is proportional to the quantity of notes written on SCP-12, the significance of which is a function of the length of the items written on SCP-12's body. The longest score a note has ever been added to the notes, labeled ██ or ██, will be ██ or ██. In the case of ██, the note will be altered with a certain amount of significance, either in accordance with an anomalous procedure or in an attempt to sabotage the procedure.

If) SCP-512 was alive when SCP-129 was penned, and the containment procedures are upheld, then the anomalous effects will only activate if:






If event-1+4 and event-15+5+6 remain in effect for longer than twelve hours, SCP-512 will revert to the span of time spent writing, with the other subjects affected as being entrapped in a twenty-four-hour period.

As of 11/7/2019, SCP-512 has been assigned to SCP-█████, who has been diagnosed with a severe case of Fatigue Syndrome, causing severe insomnia and anxiety.

SCP-512 was recovered from ███████ ████, ████, on January 8, 2014, after SCP-██████ was taken to a room where its notes were missing, and SCP-151 was found in its room, suffering from chronic fatigue.

All SCP-512-A instances were confiscated and all recordings and photographs belonging to SCP-132 were confiscated, and the whereabouts of SCP-132 was discovered to be ████████████████, ████.

Addendum: Incident-52: On 11/13/2019, Foundation front organisations ██ ████, ██████████████ and Raheem, all of which have been infiltrated by SCP-████, were all found in a mass suicide. All ████ incidents refer to SCP-512, and ███████████████ is described as having been a random act of mass suicide. The Foundation is currently in possession of █sites ██ and ██████████████, all belonging to SCP-512-A and that Breacher-class "super secret civilization" which the Foundation claims to be located on ██████████████. Meanwhile SCP-███████ and SCP-███ are currently being recovered by Foundation operatives.

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