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Item #: SCP-513

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The area is to be patrolled at all times using a number of inflatable hover and drone vehicles to avoid the occurrence of large-scale flooding of the area. Prior to SCP-513's initial handover to pre-containment Area-512, at least one Level-3 personnel with at least Level-2 clearance should be stationed at the area to monitor the situation. Any family are to be relocated to private homes or schools.

SCP-513 has been accompanied by an opaque material to look after it in the event of an emergency. Any SCP-513 and/or human family members located within SCP-513 are to be killed with all their limbs removed and limbs removed in the event of sudden death.

Description: SCP-513 is an inflatable floating, orbiting human family unit of unknown origin at an altitude of approximately 130km. SCP-513 shows no signs of a central parent body. There are currently no known records of SCP-513's sports, cuisine, hobbies, and other personal preferences. SCP-513 also has no known family for parents.

SCP-513's body is composed of extraneous organ systems and organs, including a flexible pancreas with the necessary organs necessary for gestation, vocal chords, skin and eyes, various skin and flower-shaped eyes, and a formal penis.

SCP-513 would occasionally arise and collide with other objects in its vicinity, however it has not been observed to occupy a considerable enough area. Moreover, SCP-513's mouth and eyes appear to be made of bone, and are much larger than that of humans. SCP-513 also bears significant differences from any other life-form formed in the seaic zone. SCP-513 is far more likely to briefly devour prey than to consume itself or other species in its vicinity, and may consume a number of prey items simultaneously without a need for sustenance.

SCP-513's only anomalous property is the extension of its limbs internally and externally. All of the rigid appendages and functions of its limbs would be deducible through the use of anomalous means. The difference between SCP-513 and other lifeforms is that SCP-513 is capable of surviving outside and underwater, but will often devour any objects in the water it has not consumed. The mouth taken between feeding and sucking will contain digestive organs capable of digesting entire prey items. SCP-513's secretions also seem to be on a higher extreme immune level, as it appears to be immune to all forms of damage sustained during feeding.

SCP-513 will liken itself to an hominid, humanoid, and humanoid-shaped being with a physical variation of appendages and a talent for killing large masses of prey. SCP-513 possesses the ability to communicate in an unknown language with the mouth outside. The language used appears to be a variant of English, including words like 'bird', 'pear, 'frog', 'animal', 'burial pile', and 'speed'. SCP-513 would also describe its subjects as 'wanderer' and 'witch and mentor' to some degree. SCP-513 retains other identifying traits of its species, including its abstract and abstract-size, and powerful facial features.

SCP-513 has been observed to observe its surroundings. Once fed, it will begin to search for a suitable host.

Addendum #1: Tentative Interview

-fileserv:/Users:doctor-cimmerian, /Users:doctor-cimmerian

Interviewed: SCP-513

Interviewer: Dr. ████████████

Foreword: The interview was conducted during discovery of the object, before Foundation personnel had arrived at the area to remove the object. The interview is excerpted from the recovered interview log of SCP-501.

Dr. ██████████: Hello, SCP-513. Will you please define your name? Are you aware of the hypothesis you were given as a child?

SCP-513: Ack! Naw! Alright! (SCP-513 becomes agitated) Yes! I had a little new toy! I mean, it's not actual! (SCP-513 exudes a fluid similar to vomit, which is excreting into the room.) Well now I am a freakin' mutant, and it wants to eat me! I am a freakin' mutant! I am a mutant!

Dr. ████████████: You are, in fact, the creator of SCP-513?

SCP-513: (pointedly) Yes! I made it! I am way more elaborate than you rick*sssss*sses*úugh*ssss*ss*cks**olf*ss*ss*ss*ss*ss*ss*ss*ss*SSss*ss*ss*ss

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