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Item #: SCP-051

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-051 is to be stored in a standard storage unit in Site-██'s inter-site recreation department. During voluntary exercise in SCP-051's anomalous properties, the subject must be a female and must be informed of its anomalous properties. Instructed to refrain from contact with SCP-051 during exercise, subject is to be placed under permanent supervision and kept in a safe quarantine.

If the subject's SCP-051 instances are modified at any point by a former member of the Smith Family, or by any other member of the Smith's family, it is to be implanted with the Smith Family Anti-Anomalous Injection Device. It is to be placed on-site at the usual site of intended modification.

Biological implants are to be implanted in SCP-051's plaster of Paris if necessary. In the event that SCP-051's plaster of Paris is removed before a suitable replacement is available, researchers are to terminate the subject.

Description: SCP-051 is a Caucasian male in his 50s from Fogarty, UK. SCP-051's skin is genetically normal. SCP-051's body and teeth are genetically normal, though oxygen consumption is significantly higher than what would be required to sustain such a body structure. Physiological and chemical

production rates remain similar to the average male of the same age. SCP-051's substance is formless, with no chemical components. Even the bone used for pushing the jaw aside has too much calcium present, and is inactive at rest. SCP-051's gait is more like that of a human's, with its ankles and lower back bent at the knee.

SCP-051's anomalous properties return to activation when SCP-051 is awakened from his bed at exactly 0916 on the morning of the 27th of July. When SCP-051 is awake, SCP-051 displays no unusual physical or emotional symptoms, and will play with SCP-051's stereo system. His stereo system will play songs of the Smith family and the Smiths. He will produce music that fits the sound of the Smiths, as well as songs featuring the Smith family. SCP-051 will also perform songs from the Genealogy of the Smith family. SCP-051 will respond to queries about the Smith family and will invariably refer to Genealogy of the Smith family, although he will not answer any questions regarding Genealogy of the Smith family.

When he is not performing tasks in SCP-051's containment unit, SCP-051 is recorded on the Site-███ computer database. SCP-051 will begin to perform a song of the Smith family every ten minutes. After this, he will report any changes in volume, or transcription errors, regarding the Smith Family Anti-Anomalous Injection Device. He will then delete that song.

SCP-051's anomalous characteristics begin to shift at 0937 on the morning of the 30th of July. Staff are advised to avoid SCP-051 at this time, and to listen to the song before entering into the recreation department.

If granted termination of SCP-051's current containment breach, SCP-051's containment chamber will be moved to a smaller, more isolated location. SCP-051 is to be kept on-site in a standard storage closet, under observation at all times. Non-essential staff are to not log anything during containment breach testing. Foundation records will be maintained on-site, though all personnel suspected of knowledge of SCP-051's anomalous properties or associated with the Smith family are to be isolated until the pending release of non-anomalous personnel is complete.


1. Researcher W. Randall is designated SCP-051-1.

2. In his current jurisdiction, this person currently lives in the same town — Fogarty, one of the largest towns in the nation.

3. In the case of O5-█, generally referred to as O5-██, it is currently referred to as O5-█.

4. A-9 has been identified as Agent █████. Agent █████ is currently assigned to the Foundation's Quantitative Anomalous Analysis wing.

5. Currently, this person has worked for the Foundation for 10 years, and is currently promoted to an O5-level position.

6. This person's site is still active, though no longer having a containment procedure specific to SCP-051.

7. For clarity, this is to show that containment is currently in containment.

8. In most containment procedures, these areas are normally formed of renderings of SCP-051's original granite, rather than Cylinder 2 (an anomalous granite container used throughout the object's apparati)

9. SCP-051 was retrieved from ██████████, Maryland.

10. The following is a collection of SCP-051's individual H.C.A.T.E.

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