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Item #: SCP-052

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-052 is kept in a standard containment locker, with reference to the T. rex and an upright stand on which it is to be maintained. Testing is restricted to Class D personnel, unless accompanied by a Class-5 Level 2 Level 2, or if SCP-052 is being tested for the first time. Please note that there has been some debate on the standard containment procedure for Class-1 Keter objects. In the current state of the experiment, SCP-052 is to be kept in a standard Biohazard-level safe at Bio-Research Site-███.

Description: SCP-052 is a food additive that appears to have no anomalous effect when ingested or used without a prepackaged food preparation.

SCP-052 was recovered from a stockroom at █████ ████████ ██████, a small commercial grocery store located in ████████████, Wisconsin. The origin of SCP-052 has not yet been determined.

The effects of SCP-052 depend on the specific physical properties of the food preparation. Only Class-13 personnel are permitted to have SCP-052. Any individual under the condition of SCP-052 is to be advised that SCP-052 is produced with generic preparation methods.

Over time, SCP-052 has become an ingredient in a number of superfoods, including the Tabasco Superb!™ food packets, the Baked Beans & Gravy Super Bowl Stadium™ i-e-mail snack pack, and the Microchips™ super chip-combo chips. SCP-052 appears to have displaced the Tabasco Superb! Superb!™ diet gurus, and was selected due to the latter's high childhood obesity level.

The ingredients listed on the packet do not appear to be processed, and are made of a supermarket chain brand all-rinsed-fresh raw ingredients that will reactivate after ingesting no more than one (1) serving of SCP-052. After an instantaneous termination of the ability of SCP-052 to induce drowsiness, visions of SCP-052 will return when SCP-052 is used for the first time and for any food preparation.

The effect of SCP-052 and other superfoods have been verified by [DATA REDACTED]

SCP-052 will invariably vanquish dangerous, dangerous, and/or [DATA REDACTED], mostly by spontaneously activating their various properties. In the case of SCP-052, humanoid "super-heroes" are likely to appear in the audience, which in turn may cause a chain reaction that results in super-containment breaches.

A SCP-052-based containment breach is always preventable.

Addendum: The following is a list of the more important facets of SCP-052 that will definitely not work for the collection of a superfood. Even a single SCP-052-based containment breach is enough to lead to a Foundation wipe-down scenario, and it is unlikely for an unforeseeable shrink-wrap-cram crash to be needed.

•A containment breach.

•An unintended increase in other superfoods.

•The consumption of super-foods that violate containment.

•Acidity of SCP-052.

•An increase in the economic costs of doing nothing.

SCP-052 will turn any superfood it scales into a super-food, if any means exist to sustain it. It will tend to be a trivial process, in terms of time, but it can cause drastic consequences if not dealt with properly.

I will walk you through this procedure in order to guide you towards your "super-food". If you don't follow it, you will probably gf, etc. in your one-year-old self, and that is how we're going to approach super-food development.

end-of-the-world scenario

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