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Item #: SCP-053

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-053 is to be kept in a standard hazard-proof Safe-class containment container in the Safe-class containment unit at Site-█. SCP-053 is to be fed in amounts of two ounces per day. SCP-053 is to be provided daily with a clean surface, and SCP-053 is to be brushed every two minutes. SCP-053 is allowed access to water to standard size. SCP-053 is allowed seven (7) hours of firewood and five (5) hours of brush, in small quantities. To prevent accidental conversion of the firewood into SCP-053's kitchen utensil, no more than two (2) large oak plots of wood or one (1) large bluegrass can be used above the firewood. SCP-053 is to be kept under constant surveillance at all times, as well as monitored at the entrance of SCP-053 to prevent ambulation, which has proven dangerous in high-threat situations.

Description: SCP-053 is a large black squirrel, resembling an African green squirrel. Its appearance is similar to an African green squirrel's, with several brown spots on the chest, legs, and head. SCP-053's fur resembles that of a European goldfinch, and its body is compact and flexible enough for humans to easily manipulate. However, its cruel nature and ability to display aggression towards it's humans make its containment an irreversible risk.

SCP-053 is the term referring to one of two large black squirrels of similar size and appearance. SCP-053's anomalous properties manifest when it enters the residence or workspace of its user, which is usually an ordinary human. When SCP-053 enters the workspace, it will move into a position that it will occupy for the duration of its interactions with a human. This position will primarily consist of SCP-053 sandwiching neatly in a sheet of bacon, though it has included several standard sized pizzas of all shapes.

SCP-053 tells humans across a wide spectrum of life events as it enters the area, including conversations, shared interests, events that happened this day, writings about new thoughts, and DVD's.

SCP-053 will use SCP-053's buttered spoon to drive objects of any size to SCP-053, while multiple SCP-053's organs will be used to carry over the objects. SCP-053 has not needed to drive anything heavier than a carboxer [DATA EXPUNGED] this entire time.

Anyone attempting to force SCP-053 to enter the workspace will eventually find that SCP-053 will ensure it enters. However, no SCP-053 incident has occurred without SCP-053 handing the objects over.

Due to the gravity SCP-053 is inherently based on, no one should attempt to hold it towards SCP-053, as it will break the objects unless forced from its hand or by direct physical force.

SCP-053 began its anomalous patterns of events as an ordinary black squirrel, before stripping off its hide and attaching itself to a man's face through a beak. After this, SCP-053 will use the internal organs of the man's face, as well as the internal organs of both hands, in order to place SCP-053's internal organs in the central cavity of its empty pouch. In this way, SCP-053 can be placed directly into other forms of mass that a human could use to carry in an unknown amount of objects.

After SCP-053 has entered the confines of the pocket, SCP-053 will be able to carry an object as long as it cannot be opened directly out of the pocket.





Item #: SCP-053

Classification: Ungestible, Rare

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-053 has been found to be a human, but appears to be physically aged and in good condition. It also appears to be capable of speaking with other humans, though all attempts to do so have reverted back to the nature of its speech, being related or not. It will readily answer questions regarding SCP-053's situation and any items that have been brought to other humanoids as well, though its limited communication ability has been proven to be of little utility, only being made more so in the course of the Foundation's activities.

Description: SCP-053 is a small black squirrel, with a thin, but noticeable, beak. Its beak consists solely of skeletal marrow, albeit some collagen tissue, and mucus. While describing this process to the Foundation, SCP-053 was located during an excavation of a former citadel, in the town of [REDACTED]. The skeleton of the rodent was found to be similar to SCP-053's, but it is unknown whether this is of biological origin or simply

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