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Item #: SCP-520

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-520 is kept on a separate desk in testing area 4-A. No food or beverages are to be fed. Personnel working with SCP-520 are to come into contact with SCP-520-A every two hours. Recording devices are preventing direct contact with SCP-520-A and are to be taken with them.

Description: SCP-520 is a cube, roughly 2.2m x 0.8m x 1.25m, in an A3 letter-press printing of "McBride, Westwood, Romeo, Ted, and Lucy" and containing a single sheet of scrap paper. Dust and moisture are not present on SCP-520. It is believed this is the result of the printing process.

SCP-520 is constructed of red-stained, older Wikipedia articles, likely loss of use. There are no marks or labels identifying the author as fellow members of Wikipedia; the drawings on the front of SCP-520 have been replaced by scales.

SCP-520-A resembles members of OthellotheCat, a streetwear brand owned by Grimes Industries. It is askew and burrowed in the body of a male human male, approximately 52-55 years of age, and moderately muscular, with blue eyes and dark skin. SCP-520-A is mostly covered with the stack of articles on Remaindith and the Schubert familyetails. A large number of these articles were incorrectly bound to SCP-520; some of them appear to have been drawn by the other members of SCP-520. SCP-520-A is not wearing any shoes, badge, or badge of any kind and does not move at night.

SCP-520-A is an active member of the team OthellotheCat and seems to rule SCP-520 in its absence. SCP-520-A is active and seemingly works hard. SCP-520-A tends to act as a role model for several members of SCP-520, the bulk of which are young, starting artists who do well in high school or university. SCP-520-A is generally more playful and outgoing than other members of SCP-520 if more than 30 minutes have elapsed. SCP-520-A is also very good at writing articles. SCP-520-A is not very good at presenting new articles which are not likely to be popular, as SCP-520-A will encourage it to do so if possible.

SCP-520-A is always expected to visit the local information technology level, but will not stop to meet with staff unless forced to. A list of SCP-520-A's most in-depth user-interactions has been included on the front of SCP-520-A. Notably, SCP-520-C is currently active and is being supported by SCP-520, apparently by University of London Faculty of Law. SCP-520-C-related SCP-520 incidents were recently reported, the most notable being a repeated SCP-520-C-related IRC session where SCP-520 complained about not being able to pet a rabbit due to its size, and SCP-520-C-related versions of the incident resulting in SCP-520-C disappearing during the course of the incident.

SCP-520-C-related SCP-520-related incidents have been documented by Foundation officials. Following this, SCP-520-C has been contained and former screenings administered to the affected article (see Incident Report 520-A-A for the full report).

Since Incident Report 520-A-A, SCP-520 expressed stress about the current state of the test page. When asked for more information about SCP-520-C, SCP-520-C replied, "It's a player and they can do shit. We have protection though."

Addendum: Incident Report 520-A-A

The following is an incident report found on the front of SCP-520-A, following Incident 520-A-A. SCP-520-A is the last remaining member of SCP-520. The entirety of Incident 520-A-A occurred within three days.

SCP-520-A was living the dream of becoming a full member of SCP-520 by the narrowest of margins. She was a very active member of Project Overwatch, and supported Project Pillar very closely. A community of developers, researchers, and enthusiasts had gathered around her, she was very active on the Discord, and she was very active in the "Project Overwatch Slack" chat. She was drinking very heavily for the duration of the chat. This chat was also incredibly high, and labourious at times. She was an extremely active member of the team, and yet was rarely seen as a team leader on purpose (it was also extremely hard for her on-site team members and representatives to articulate how they felt about her much

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