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Item #: SCP-519

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-519 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-1950, located in Central Australia. Testing and containment of SCP-519 is to be carried out by Site-1950 staff at all times. Testing is to be monitored by members of the Foundation's 40-page fantasy writing team, and staff assigned to SCP-519 may have one member from their team assigned as its docent.

Description: SCP-519 is a humanoid version of the late Henry James' famous 1832 tale The Great Gatsby, whose head, torso, hands, arms, wrists, and feet carry a variety of mechanical components and possess strange stasis and anomalous properties. SCP-519 has not achieved complete sapience, and has been shown to recognize human beings as its chosen personal targets.

SCP-519 is the self-selected daughter of Malthus, the inventor of the first steam engine, and eponymous character in The Great Gatsby, the famous work of English novel author John Dos Passos. SCP-519 is formed of a variety of materials organized into the standard collection of taut fabrics ('chappell). This collection grants individuals with the ability to change their skin, hair, and skin tone, with a puckered halo covering the more advanced skin regions and crimson cheeks and lips. This effect is permanent and lasts for at least two months, after which SCP-519 has turned and replaced the affected area. As of the time of writing, SCP-519 is also able to locate and develop new skin and skin tone within an area of the body. The effect is only lasting for at least two months; forum members have been told SCP-519 has mastered the ability of total expression and would be capable of transcending physical, mental, and spiritual boundaries, if given proper training.

Medical examination shows SCP-519 is capable of speaking eloquently and with an accent along the lines of that of English. It can also synthesize various antipathematics arising from the use of magic, but the speech can be unintelligible due to its lack of natural speech. Due to its advanced capability, SCP-519 has been integrated into Foundation-operated RPIs, and domestic and international assignments have been assigned to Foundation personnel on a case-by-case basis.

SCP-519 was originally discovered inside the home of the founding father of the Foundation, John Dos Passos, at a later date in Pensacola Beach, Florida, after a report of an infant being removed from a local orphanage had landed in Foundation custody. On discovering this, Foundation personnel had no idea that a piece of glass had been placed inside its containment chamber, and a Foundation team was sent in to help contain the infant. If left alone, SCP-519 would lead Foundation personnel to a peaceful peace, and if given proper training would leave the facility at least thirty minutes after the day began. If left alone, SCP-519 overhearing a conversation with one of Foundation staff and attempting to break Room-24 would attempt to breach the door until a member of Foundation-operated RPIs, with the backing of Foundation Staff Aichert, was rendered incapacitated or terminated while projecting an image of SCP-519. After this incident was classified as a containment breach, SCP-519 was moved to Site-1950 for the time being, where it was kept in a humanoid containment cell, and was assigned to use its existing instances of SCP-519 as described above.

Addendum: SCP-519 was discovered in a private residence in Central Australia on 09/01/2006. SCP-519 was found in a living room adjacent to a number of furniture which had been damaged. When SCP-519 attempted to interact with the cabinet door, a member of Foundation-operated RPIs entered the room and recovered SCP-519, along with the camera and a laptop which contained SCP-519's original footage. Further study of the footage produced by SCP-519 has led to its discovery that the camera and other associated equipment had originally belonged to Malthus, a 19th century English knight, who passed away in 1719.

Addendum: SCP-519 was found on 09/11/2006 at ██████, Texas, a location where SCP-529 had been recovered and still remained during initial containment procedures. SCP-519 was found hanging from the ceiling fan of █████ ████████ ████, an exchange broker. A member of Foundation-operated RPIs had found SCP-519 hanging from the ceiling fan, but was unable to enter or remove it. SCP-519 was propped up on a table, and couldn't be entered or removed until after it became embedded in ████████. Those personnel who attempted lifting SCP-519 by their hands or fingers have all shown to be unable to successfully retrieve it by any means.

Addendum: SCP-519 appears to be

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