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Item #: SCP-518

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-518 is to be kept in its cell at Site-73 at all times. Personnel assigned to SCP-518 must be regularly re-evaluated for proclimations of extreme behavior.

Description: SCP-518 is a collection of Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Brushes, Toothpaste and other mouthwash and toothpaste products, made in World Comprehensive Tooth Care Company of South Africa, of unknown age. SCP-518 is fitted with sophisticated internal compartments, and most likely is a unique, non-anomalous re-configuration of the formula of a toothbrush.

SCP-518 has a simple, flat top, and a gunmetal-colored blade. Contents are unbelievably cheap, and completely unremarkable. In addition, SCP-518 is an extremely popular product within the SCP-518 community. It is also incredibly active in forums and websites devoted to examining and debating personal behavior.

SCP-518 came to the Foundation's attention in 25██, when a 20-year-old Australian girl claiming to be ██████ ████ discovered a ██████ brand toothbrush in her room. Foundation agents managed to pull the object into Foundation custody. After various testing, it was determined that SCP-518 had actually turned into a toothbrush.

Testing has shown that both the toothbrush and the true formula of a toothbrush are deposited on the forehead through a process comparable to the accumulation of tooth rot. The cause of this is unknown.

Addendum-01: In 2000, SCP-518 was found inside the quarterly report of ███████ █████ ████████, a ███████ time traveler. Testing associates claimed that SCP-518 was

connected to ███████ █████ and ████████████, and the site of the ██████ █████ Museum, whose thorough analysis showed the contents to be a combination of "some sort of metallic powder", "some sort of liquid" and "some kind of oil".

Correlation has been found between Foundation agents and ██████ ██████, ████████████, ████████████, ████████████ and ██████ ████. ███████ ████████, ████████████, ████████████, ████████████, ████████████ and ██████ ███████ ██████ were similarly affected, as were ████████████.

Addendum-02: Behavior of the heart of SCP-518, as it was found upon inspection; however, the heart was a unique, non-anomalous mass of toothpaste. Furthermore, the upkeep of the Heart was not "faster" than the brain, due to the "infection rate" of SCP-518.

Addendum-03: SCP-518 began to exhibit physical changes in 01/05/2002, which is the first possible instance of SCP-524 with a toothbrush in the new form. Upon being unable to duplicate the mechanism of SCP-524's primary function, it decided to use it to perform some form of limited intelligence in society. These changes would be violent, aggressive and grammatical in nature. SCP-524 has shown to have been able to communicate with Foundation personnel using a combination of tongue, pen and pen, the small amount of memory of its owner, and a self-professed lack of knowledge.[REDACTED]

Addendum-04: After Incident No. 477-24, SCP-524's display of its uselessness on ████████ █████'s 1st birthday was changed. SCP-524’s attack capabilities were removed, and bots were installed to prevent it from accidentally harming Foundation personnel.

Addendum-05: On 09/03/2018, SCP-524 suffered an attack by a client for the ██████ ██████ Co. containing a ██████ Clown carving, which was

strangled by SCP-524 and left to die from its wounds. Testing revealed that ████████ ███████████, ███████████, ████████████: ████████████ Circus was infected by SCP-524, and ███████████: ████████████, ████████████, ████████████, ████████████████████, ████████████ and ████████████ were all infected in this way.

Furthermore, ████████████: ████████████ ██████, ████████████, ████████████, ████████████ and ████████████ were effected by SCP-524.

Addendum-06: SCP-524 has shown the tendencies to befriend Foundation personnel. When confronted, it tends to avoid personnel simply because they look like it. Instead of containing the subject, SCP-524 has taken the time to befriend SCP-524-1rs, and then SCP-524-2rs until they become contented

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