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Item #: SCP-517

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-517 is to be kept in a safe volume within a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-█. In the event of accidental exposure of SCP-517 to an air source, it is to be kept in a chamber of a standard biological containment facility.

Description: SCP-517 is an adult male human female in its early 30s dressed in a suit and tie. It is the sister of Dr.█████, the head researcher at Site-█. She led SCP-517 into the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tiers of the SCP Foundation. Because of this, Dr.█████ deliberately chose to become a part of the Foundation.

SCP-517 has the appearance of a largely nondescript Caucasian female anartist, including large breasts on her head. Research personnel noticed her wearing a black dress, and her laboratory coat was brown. SCP-517 only speaks in dialogue without dialect.

SCP-517 is a highly intelligent individual of Foundation personnel, carrying with it a well-crafted conversation like no other Foundation researcher. SCP-517 claims to be the most accomplished and prolific of those members in the Foundation. However, when questioned about it, she is invariably glib and arrogant.

SCP-517 claims to be the head researcher of the SCP Foundation, and has for that reason sent many Foundation-made objects to researchers and took great pride in their design. She claims to have only been the head researcher of the SCP Foundation for a short time, until they were out of the Foundation's control. She claims that she has exceeded the words of the SCP Foundation for ever.

SCP-517 also makes emotional threats, causing emotional distress and insecurity in all personnel. SCP-517 is no longer offended or excited by the presence of wounded or wounded Foundation personnel or SCP-517 herself.

SCP-517 is capable of perceiving and translating any human being, regardless of state of being or attitude. It is capable of receiving and expressing emotions, but is incapable of expressing emotions between implied and explicit. SCP-517 has been able to see and understand all forms of speech, including for the purposes of speech. SCP-517 also possesses the ability to communicate through written and verbal materials, as well as even the most mundane expressions in the Foundation's mouth.

SCP-517 was capable of accessing SCP-909 and SCP-1090 at its own discretion. When asked to do so, it displayed a violent disdain and disgust for both of these items. Other staff and SCP-517 said that they were unable to understand this behavior.

Foundation Document 1717-1: Press ContK

In Scranton Reality Anchors, Incident 1717-1, Subjects (Groups of Interest) Affected: SCP-517 and SCP-909

SCP-517: Shoddy bathroom true reflection with a Taser couldn't understand a dog. Not sure how that relates, but I think I recognize this.

SCP-909: Can smell of dead air true reflection and with a broken tooth true reflection. Tested with subjects that could only maintain their additional self


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