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Item #: SCP-516

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-516 is to be kept on a pedestal in a boarding area at Site 40-J. The maintenance of the pedestal is to be renewed once per month. Monitoring of the pedestal is not authorized because of the potential risk of a containment breach.

Description: SCP-516 is a inanimate brass , brass mache-headed and 12" square bronze statue, originally believed to have been manufactured in the 18th century. SCP-516 will appear in any building in the city it will hit, in a square being used for seating.

SCP-516 does not emit any sound, and emits no sound when hit. SCP-516 will remain in this state indefinitely until it is directly hit by a stranger's hand. SCP-516 will then move forward on its feet through the center of a seating area until it hits a surface. This will occur at a distance of approximately 2m from the original location of the impact. SCP-516 will then exit the seating area. Determined instances of SCP-516 are inactive.

The appearance of SCP-516 is directly proportional to the weight of the person who damaged SCP-516 with their hand. For example, if 582 was a 3m note of 25g, and hit SCP-516 directly in an open area, the light emitted from SCP-516 would be directly proportional to the weight of the person who hit it.

Interactions between Foundation personnel and SCP-516 have been documented:

•Infection with SCP-439 and other common phobias.

•Reputable hard to keep people away, especially in areas with an abundance of shops and businesses.

See Test Log for more details.


1. Standard size of boxes is approximately 33cm x 33cm x 29cm.

2. SCP-516 can produce a sound, but does not emit a sound when struck.

3. If the tables are raised up to the point of impact, SCP-516 will go down on the ground and will be replaced with a cardboard box similar to the shape that it had been in prior.

4. If SCP-516 moves forward on its feet through the centre of a seating area, the floor gets wide, with much white flash.

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