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Item #: SCP-515

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-515 is to remain locked in a standard containment room in Site-28. A search of SCP-515 during a containment breach of any kind is restricted to area of maximum security. Any others that come in contact with SCP-515 are to be treated with stunlocked tranquilizer rifles before being released.

Description: SCP-515 is a $200,000 USD collection of 517 gold and silver coins. The coins appear to be ordinary silver-tipped coins bearing the logo of various major international companies. SCP-515 does not appear to be produced by any known means.

SCP-515 has a radiating brass rhododendrite, 'The Bronze Clipper', which is constantly emitting a burst of mechanical heat. This energy is equal in intensity to the amount of SCP-515's own power. If at any point there is more than one SCP-515 in the room, all of them will emit a burst of noise depending on the temperature in the room.

SCP-515 will then emit a sudden burst of heat upon reaching a temperature of 46C. This heat will affect all humans (minus those that are affected by SCP-515) in the room in an attempt to burn them.

If SCP-515 is on fire, subjects exposed to the heat will combust in a manner that will cause them to lose all memory of what happened the previous year. No physical damage is attributed to the room since the area is currently uninhabited.

The effect of exposure to SCP-515 is permanent. Effect of exposure to SCP-515 does not reset any time after exposure occurs.

Removal of SCP-515 does not change effects of exposure.

Addendum: A note on SCP-515's containment chamber.

SCP-515 was originally located in a chamber in an old warehouse owned by a ██████-██ ██████████ of ██████████, California. This was used as a testing area to see if SCP-515 could be safely removed from its current location.

No further tests involving SCP-515 have taken place.

Addendum: Interview conducted by Agent █████ ██ of Foundation-Classified ██████████, ████ ████ ██.

Addendum: Interview conducted by Agent ██████ of Foundation-Classified ██████████, ████ █ ████.


1. Like several other Foundation agents, Agent ██████ has been exposed to SCP-515.

2. [sic]

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