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Item #: SCP-522

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-522 is contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Research Sector 7A. Six guards are to be present in the chamber at all times. This containment area is to be monitored by at least one researcher and one security officer.

At any time, in the presence of any entity or group of entities more relevant to SCP-522, personnel of Level 2 clearance or higher are to be consulted. If there is evidence of SCP-522-K-A, personnel of this clearance are to be warned, and the field agent assigned to SCP-522 is to be transported to a secure location in the event of SCP-522-K-B-C-D being discovered.

At least one researcher of Level 4 clearance or higher is to be placed in contact with any biological sample taken from SCP-522 for observation and communication purposes. This containment area is to be monitored by at least one researcher and one security officer.

At least one researcher is to be in contact with SCP-522 for the purposes of research. This containment area is to be monitored by at least one researcher and one security officer.

Description: SCP-522 is a collection of five memetic viruses (SCP-522-A through -C) which spread over the internet on a type of internet protocol, SCP-522-K.

SCP-522-A and -C appear to be generated and distributed via the internet, via companies such as Facebook and Google. While some of these memes (SCP-522-K-A through -C-D) originated on SCP-522-A and -C, all of them have been directly copied by the individual, or groups of individuals which appeared to originate from SCP-522-E and -C-F.

SCP-522-A and -C appear to be spread through the image online of SCP-522-B, and the post-humous recognition of images of SCP-522-B directly by any person viewing them, or associations made by the viewer of SCP-522-B (SCP-522-B-C through -C-F).

SCP-522-B and -C appear to be spread to the user by using the post-humous recognition of the image SCP-522-B and SCP-522-C-D which appear to be a function of physical actions taken prior to the death of SCP-522-A. The user appears to be notified of SCP-522-B's existence and -C-D's existence as their culture is seen by the user.

SCP-522-B, -C-D, -C-E and -C-F appear to be spread through the use of trigger words (also known as emoticons), such as "fuck", "slam" and "shove". These trigger words function as noun phrases, and are used as button prompts when SCP-522-B or -C-C is currently fully conscious. Most of these trigger phrases are used in the context of inconsistent emotional responses in the user, such as anxiety to attack or dissatisfaction with the actions of others.

SCP-522-C and -C-F appear to be spread through the word "fuck", "tires" and "Ignorance", while SCP-522-E and -E-F appear to be spread via the word "leave", "YOURE BANNED" and "the man who made it", all of which function as a call to action.

SCP-522-B, -C-D, -C-E and -C-F are also spread via means such as writing posts and pictures on Facebook or sharing videos of themselves on YouTube.

Analysis reveals that there is no unique pattern to the patterns of SCP-522-A through -C and -C-D's spread. All Foundation sites and organizations other than Site 66 all have gathered information on the same timeline. Further research from Site 68 has been unable to determine any correlation between SCP-522-A through -C and SCP-522-A through -C-D.

Addendum: Video Logs

MTF-Iota-15 ("Ex-Metroid"): Red Alert

Date: 03/10/2016

HQF-1: This is Sis Gannon, what's your status?

Sis Gannon: I'm fine, I just feel a bit down —

The following text appears in the camera feed.

Sis Gannon: I'm fine.

Sis Gannon: You two, please, please, say something about what you're seeing.

Sis Gannon: Kelly's going to be too busy getting back to work to be able to do anything.

Sis Gannon: Well, he's the one who wrote the comic. After that

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