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Item #: SCP-523

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-523 is to be kept in the storage room of Site-64. Normal access is to be permitted for testing and testing purposes. Civilians who have awoken from sleep are encouraged to report any "pop-up" references they encounter in order to prevent long-term exposure.

Description: SCP-523 is a series of cell phone, computer, and digital media song from the rapper LL Cool J. The song depicts the singer performing a performance of "I Am The Lizard" & the lyrics, "i am a doppelganger who is not good enough for you".

When a subject listens to the song in its entirety, a woman who is wearing a purple bandanna (designated SCP-523-1-of-5-) will appear in the vicinity of SCP-523 upon being awakened. Within several seconds, the subject will become severely depressed and are typically rendered unconscious, however, this effect also occurs when the subject listens to the song in its original form. The exact nature of SCP-523-1-of-5-caused depression has not been discovered; whether this is an active mind state or merely an induced unconsciousness has not been theorized.

SCP-523-1-of-5 is a humanoid entity composed of thousands of banded arms (SCP-523-1-of-5-6) following a modular design, which allow it to form complex pincer-type pattern formations. SCP-523-1-of-5 has demonstrated the ability to form bioluminescent structures, including fire, water, smoke, and lightning. The thaumaturgic effects of SCP-523-1-of-5 have lead to the discovery that the song shapes the cell structures of the subject.

SCP-523-1-of-5 has the ability to communicate, though the method by which it does so has not been determined. The cause for this is unknown. SCP-523-1-of-5 do not appear to be sentient and are not predator-conspicuous.

SCP-523-1-of-5 has been noted to display a telepathic ability. This effect has proven inferior to the original song, as it has no effects on instances of SCP-523.

SCP-523-1-of-5 is capable of transforming the music of SCP-523 into a number of acoustic instruments. These instruments are capable of moving independently, and emit sound in an audible range. The index finger of the instrument seems to act as a flexible extension of the song, and the thumb seems to act as the primary wrist. These instruments appear to be made of various types of wood and metal, including wood, teak, tungsten, and an unspecified alloy.

SCP-523-1-of-5 and SCP-523-1-of-6 have been known to produce other instances of SCP-523-1-of-5, appearing often in the form of stars and other stars. These objects appear to contain data released by the original recording of SCP-523. In addition, instances of SCP-523-1-of-5 and SCP-523-1-of-6 appear to display the capacity for self-manifestation.

SCP-523-1-of-5 appears to be both a male voice and SCP-523-1-of-6. SCP-523-1-of-5 and SCP-523-1-of-6 appear to be female, though there is no correlation between their respective speaking abilities.

SCP-523-1-of-5 seems to have the capacity to become intelligent and capable of taking control of the objects in its possession. For example, parts of SCP-523-1-of-5 directly contained in SCP-523 appear to have in their real-life counterparts in their recordings. This can be performed by SCP-523 directly using said instances of SCP-523-1-of-5.

SCP-523-1-of-5 has been recorded performing various tasks or tasks that would normally be performed by personnel. In addition, it has been recorded speaking in a dialect independent of SCP-523's own, or attempting to communicate with seemingly sentient entities. SCP-523-1-of-5 has also been observed to enter SCP-523's containment room and behave in an unusual manner.

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