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Item #: SCP-524

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel are to remove all animals found in the location of SCP-524 from Site-19 and observe them as they are contained. For all humans in Site-19, Foundation personnel are to ask the local police/security to remove neutered animals found alive inside Site-19 and observe them as they are contained.

Site-19 is to be monitored for any SCP-524 sightings. Details of sightings may be available to personnel stationed there.

Description: SCP-524 is an area of land that contains four buildings constructed with the use of sixteen unknown anomalous items. Each structure contains an instance of SCP-524-1. SCP-524-1 is an instance of SCP-524-1 that resembles the facsimile of a real-life roach (Sylovora canadensis).

SCP-524-2 instances are instances of SCP-524-2 that resemble the body of the instances of SCP-524-1. SCP-524-2 instances merely look and act the way they do in the ██████ family of monkeys. SCP-524-2 instances are not on the exact same level of intelligence as the baseline, but they behave similarly to the baseline.

SCP-524-2 instances are programmed to believe themselves as the ██████ family of monkeys, and they have demonstrated the inability to synthesize anything, including linguistic or mental descriptions, mathematical concepts, and even time, allow for them to even potentially the idea of time.

SCP-524-2 instances have claimed that they have been hypnotized by the Foundation, and the hypnotization has left them unable to remember their own entire life. According to these instances, SCP-524-2 instances are now no longer being able to physically perceive things as anything but objects, and exist as a disembodied entity.

Any time SCP-524 meets humanoids wearing clothing, it will become apparent that they are being used to elicit knowledge and information on the Foundation. Discussion regarding how humanoids being used to obtain information from the Foundation is to be prevented.

SCP-524-2 instances have demonstrated the ability to create objects or objects with an approximate amount of material to them. Thus far, SCP-524 has created at least four instances of SCP-524-2 that will attempt to destroy any objects on their person.

SCP-524-2 instances have also demonstrated the ability to make objects with their own DNA. SCP-524-2 instances have indicated that they cannot not have any sexual relations with any of the Foundation's personnel, and may initiate sexual relations with any subjects they have contact with.

SCP-524-2 instances have been shown to believe all Foundation personnel are subject to an internal life. They have been shown to have an innate understanding of the Foundation, and are very good at identifying places and objects within the Foundation and other locations. They have also been reported to have an understanding of the SCP Foundation, and the Foundation itself.

SCP-524-3 are instances of SCP-524-3 that resemble the body of a ██████ family monkey. They are not known to have any anomalous properties. All SCP-524-3 instances are humanoid in structure, with limbs and body frames being constructed in a manner similar to our own. SCP-524-3 can manifest to subjects by raising both instances of SCP-524-3 up from the ground and launching them out of the areas of the Foundation they are isolated from. They are not physically able to teleport objects, but they do have the ability to communicate telepathically with subjects to the point that they may be fully aware of what they are saying.

SCP-524-3 are each able to communicate with a subject in a manner similar to a human being from themself, and they have been able to provide an explanation of a subject's life.

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