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Item #: SCP-532

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-532 is to be kept in a standard large containment locker at Site-47. Testing is controlled by multiple remote programmers, and no personnel are to be present.

Anyone reading SCP-532 should be aware that the Book of the Skylarking will make it difficult to read. We will rewrite the story of SCP-532 one time at the very least, per the rules stated for formatting of material in SCP-173.

Description: SCP-532 is the collective designation for the collection of a series of eight short stories, known collectively as SCP-532-1 through -8. They relate to the origins and development of SCP-532-9- and -10.

SCP-532-1 through -8 take place in a series of encounters between SCP-532-9 and SCP-532-9. In each of these encounters, the role of SCP-532-9 is assumed by a different object. It is unclear in all the cases that SCP-532-9 has possession of an SCP-532.

It is often believed that members of entities other than SCP-532-9 have had encounters with SCP-532-9, since the presence of SCP-532-9 is thought to be notable in these cases. However, during the Foundation's first encounter with SCP-532-9, Alexander Dupont had been attacked by SCP-532-9, and was forced out of his wheelchair by SCP-532-9. During this time, SCP-532-9 remained silent despite SCP-532-9 in a rage.

The story of SCP-532-9-20 states that SCP-532-9-ai and its children had been encountering SCP-532-9-i and other SCP-532-9-It.

The Foundation of Japan made contact with SCP-532 during the First World War. ~ Doug Rogers

SCP-532-7-B is the story of SCP-532-9-3.

It is assumed that the Foundation of Japan met SCP-532-9-3, but no Foundation personnel were present for the first encounters. This time, SCP-532-9-3 was overtaken by SCP-532-9-1.

SCP-532-7-B began as a story about SCP-532-9.

At the beginning of the novel, SCP-532-9-3 was a Staff of the Ishidō-jōshū, and was ordered by the Sankei-geki-geki (Please see Incident 532-01 Jr.) to be killed. SCP-532-9-3 was killed on the second encounter with SCP-532-9. SCP-532-9-3 remained unharmed, and SCP-532-9-9-1 was found near the end of SCP-532-7-B.

SCP-532-9-1 is a single instance of SCP-532-7-A which had appeared in SCP-532-7-B during the first encounter between SCP-532-9-3 and SCP-532-9. SCP-532-9-1 was sitting atop the corpse of SCP-532-9-3.

SCP-532-9-1 has several traits. SCP-532-9-1 is all-powerful and non-harmful, and has the ability to self-repair itself. It is also capable of offensive and defensive combat.

SCP-532-9-1 is able to sense the time and place of an individual's death, and will attempt to surround it with objects which could prevent that individual from materializing.

SCP-532-9-1 will attempt to communicate with the protagonists of an SCP-532-9 encounter. This will include words, letters, illustrations, and other such materials. SCP-532-9-1 will also attempt to get information from the protagonist.

SCP-532-9-1 does not appear to follow the confines of SCP-532-7-B when interacting with SCP-532-9-1. Indeed, it is believed that SCP-532-9-1 is capable of communicating through other means.

Interview 532-01: Emergency Department personnel alerted to containment breach on site by SCP-532-9-intent to provide medical aid. Was recovered in another site.

Interview 532-02: A copy of SCP-532-9-1's belongings were found in SCP-532-7-B.

Interview 532-03:

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