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Item #: SCP-533

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-533 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell in Site 17. SCP-533 is to be notated with a sheet of white marker depicting a blurred face while wearing its make-up kit; this note is to be kept on SCP-533's person at all times. Personnel using SCP-533 may be accompanied if they require the aid of Foundation personnel. Personnel working around SCP-533 must be given a medical examination if they develop any abnormal health changes, and must be treated with Class-C amnestics.

Any experimentation on SCP-533 must take place in a Level-3 Altered Humanoid Containment Facility. Per 1/27/2016, SCP-533 is to be informed that all other research on the subject was stopped for unknown reasons. Prior to this change, researchers must be briefed that their activities are subject to the Ethics Committee's Ethics Committee procedures.

Description: SCP-533 is a humanoid entity formed out of an altered human torso, wearing a "crusted and broken" garb and carrying a seemingly ordinary automobile. SCP-533 does not appear to utilize the "crust of the world" as it appears a fully functioning automobile.

SCP-533's anomalous effects begin to manifest when any individual wearing it while outside of a vehicle is in contact with any member of a human which is otherwise not wearing a moldering human body. While the effect of SCP-533 is still not understood (indeed, the effects of visible fire are not in question, being already present when the marker is drawn), the owner of a toppled human should be able to make it travel forward on normal physical quantities, with the added effect of the continued existence of a human body having appeared on a flat surface. All human bodies which fall on the surface of the marker will mutate into an existing human body, dependent on the composition of the marker's body. To date, nobody has been able to tell how or when a person had their new body. While not full of new items, each person gets a new set of teeth and skin tone, and a new head, and the cadaver of a deceased person will appear somewhere between an animal or a human face.

No facts regarding this happen instantly, but it seems that once it is done, it won't be explained why.

SCP-533's anomalous properties activate with a sound echoed by a recorded sound system located somewhere in the United States. The effect is similar to the sound of a booming engine or a zombie apocalypse, but the sound is amplified in a proportion of a 1:1 ratio, specifically 86dB of the original sound. When this is heard, the sound machine will trigger an automatic adaptation of the regular sounds. No amount of sound is capable of causing the sound to adapt.

The effect is triggered when a subject is approaching a point of mass improvement and has not yet reached the point of complete transformation. Efforts to surpass the threshold of improvement of the progress of a subject will trigger SCP-533. Once fully converted, the subject will successfully drive it forward. The reason for this is unknown, but accompanied by sapience and a large amount of physical strength, destruction, or all of these variables will trigger the effect of SCP-533. In most cases, the effect will take less than 10 seconds, but is technically impossible.

SCP-533 has a designated focus point, in the range of 2km to 4km, although this is blurry and indistinct. This is not affected by the smell of a dead body, and the subject is a moot point. It is also not affected by dysarthria, though the effect is perceived in a similar way to the smell of dirt.

SCP-533 is created when SCP-533 is set to cause the "corrosion" or "slime" effect. The method to trigger this effect is unknown. However, at no point will SCP-533 be able to change clothing when wearing a dresser or tabletop.

SCP-533 is noted to be able to do in excess of 85,000 for a single subject. While the maximum size for the effect is not quantified, it has been estimated to be at least 2 million square meters.

Addendum 533-1: Person of Interest 683-282

SCP-533 has been reported to have been involved in a containment breach in 79██ when Foundation agents entered a nearby storage area.

The team was expected to enter some sort of secret room or facility, but never made it. It did manage to penetrate the room through use of the sound marker. At least two members of the team were killed, and several others were injured. At the time of the breach, SCP-533 was found in the storage room, apparently having taken the body of a 33-year old woman named Stella F.


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