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Item #: SCP-534

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-534 was contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber constructed to maximize its sapience potential and the production potential of SCP-397. Hair was shaved, eyes were surgically removed, and both ears surgically removed and replaced with a variety of implants, including cranial growths and bone spurs. Prescribed treatment centers for liver failure and scarring were established, and processing centers were opened to treat and process SCP-534.

Description: SCP-534 is a collection of various forms of muscle tissue of varying masses, design, and material. SCP-534's anomalous capacity may vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the organism. Additionally, multiple specimens of SCP-534 may contain different quantities of trihydroxybenzodiazepine (TBA) or 20mg/kg of Ritalin (AEA).

SCP-534 is capable of speech, understand basic Chinese, and is able to communicate with humans, all using the same words of English. Notably, SCP-534-1 and -2 referred to by SCP-534-3, "Long" and "Lizard", do not talk in the same breath.

SCP-534-3 refers to SCP-534-1. "Norn" was a humanoid that resembles a lizard. "Lizard" was a leporine that resembled a lizard. SCP-534-3's body forms several "decud" points, including a spine with large, sharp teeth and scales that stretch over a range of 20cm, an off-white, tongue that bares down, and several digits that are capable of cutting objects larger than themselves with ease.

SCP-534-2 refers to SCP-534-1, "The Krulkin". "Lizard" refers to SCP-534-1. "Stop feeding" is a sound that can normally be heard by a human being.

SCP-534-1 refers to SCP-534-2. This sounds simultaneously feminine, feminine, feminine, feminine, masculine, and masculine, in a haphazard manner. Examination of the hollow interior of SCP-534-1 indicates that it has been infected by a species of cephalopod.

"[...] followed us..." is a cute sequence of words that SCP-534-1 can use to describe the host's emotions, feelings, and behavior.

SCP-534-2 was not sentient at one time. SCP-534-3 has stated its intention to be a non-hostile individual, and has not requested a battle. While SCP-534-1, -2, and -3 are useful, SCP-534-1 has stated it wishes to be used in a class struggle.

SCP-534-5: a ;

Current Control Status: Declined

SCP-534-6: 1

Current Control Status: Declined

SCP-534-7: 1

Current Control Status: Declined

SCP-534-8: 1

Current Control Status: Declined

SCP-534-9: 1

Current Control Status: Declined

Item #: SCP-544

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-544 was locked in a standard humanoid containment chamber with no anomalous qualities. Site command ordered up to 50 instances of SCP-544 to be kept in 8 18 x 20 x 8 wooden boxes at any time.

A portion of SCP-544-1 is to be kept on a secure-locked storage lockers. This lock has been provisionally designated Site-19.

If SCP-544-1 is stolen or otherwise rendered unusable, Procedure #544-W-77-Tempah is to be carried out immediately in the area in which the object was retrieved.

Description: SCP-544 is a collection of an unknown substance composed of various mayonnaise and other ingredients, which is primarily composed of a substance or components of chicken (Gallus lupus lupus). 654-1 with its container implanted with a microcontroller is capable of creating a large variety of quinine-based objects, usually requiring to contain a variety of enthalpogens in the form of gummy bears, paint-like paints, or yogurt (consisting of small amounts of protein, sugars, and amino acid). Subjects who undergo Procedure #544-W-77-Tempah will be rewarded with a bag of mayonnaise-related sweets which will be presented to them as "lollipop" causes them to scream and cry.

If SCP-544-1 is consumed, subjects will also break down their body into its constituent parts. The group will then consume the

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