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Item #: SCP-535

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The town of ████████, ██ has been converted into a Point of Interest, under the jurisdiction of the Foundation. Foundation operatives have been stationed in the main streets of the city and are attempting to impact the local population of ██████ while keeping them within SCP-535's sphere of influence.

At least two Foundation-operated Canadas have been used to temporarily suppress the citizens of SCP-535. This has resulted in the growth of diagrams on the city streets contradicting SCP-535's actual size. Waypoints have been constructed around the city with a series of additional mile markers that have gradually been aligned to correspond with the writing of SCP-535.

Description: SCP-535 refers to a anomalous city (set of complex buildings and roads, most of which lie within the borders of SCP-535). Upon entering the city from any of its streets, anyone proceeding through the written pattern of the city will experience a sudden shift in size. The reason behind this is currently unknown, but the following is a brief summary of what appears to be an anomalous effect of SCP-535.

•The inhabitants of the city appear to "float" on a platform of the city, suggesting that they exist within the city but not visible.

•Simultaneously, the inhabitants of SCP-535 will start to display various characteristics of individuals who remain within the city in any digital form. For example, if two humans walk in the city, they will become identical individuals. Other changeable behaviors include:

•The individuals will begin to walk with singularity in terms of direction and direction of the time of day.

•According to individuals in control of the city, the most common theme of the streets of SCP-535 has become that the inhabitants of the city are being hunted by a group of 16 (?) individuals.

•The residents of SCP-535 will act as if the city as a whole is not there, causing the city's potential for contamination by SCP-535's effect to become apparent.

•Access to the city within SCP-535 will vanish.

Addendum 535-1: Brief Summary of SCP-535's Activities


SCP-535 affected a ███ organization in ██ ████, called the ████ █████ █████ █ ███ ████████ Foundation. In order to neutralize the phenomenon, the main body of the ████ ██████ ██ branch in ██████████ were contained and redirected to their current location. The Foundation is currently focused on kidnapping ████ citizens into SCP-535. If a sufficient number of citizens lose the ability to edit their memories and language of the city, said city will cease to exist entirely.

The entities inside ██████ are currently unknown. They are currently believed to be contained within SCP-535.

Addendum 535-2: Journal Reader


Current knowledge of SCP-535 is to 'read' through a subscription to the Foundation-owned Journal Reader app on a smartphone device. Available for both Apple iPhone 4, as well as for Android personal computers. This app is automatically installed on all smartphones, and can be accessed by a number of third parties. The Journal Reader app is currently in beta testing, and will be removed in stages at roughly a 12% rate this month. However, we have already seen a surge in new customers, and believe this to be largely due to its ease of use, the fact that the app has been written in a language that was not known to exist before complete.

Remember the 1800s. If you were reading a newspaper, you could call a man of letters, and get help with a problem. The Journal Reader app was first released in September of 2009, and no user base of that length existed. It was only on the App Store, and was not found by iTunes before actively searching for any other apps. As of this writing, the Journal Reader app has only been found on a few social media sites, as well as tablets and devices, but it has not spread beyond that level. Another app is not controlled by the Foundation, but does not appear to be on the iOS Store.

For further information, see our documentation on SCP-535.

Addendum 535-3: The Second Era


SCP-535-1 is still present in █████████, ██. Entities within this city are reported to be agitated and hostile toward Foundation personnel, and will attempt to inflict damage to Foundation-owned property as well as to SCP-535. Foundation trace agents are to unload any people causing damage to SCP-535. Persons present in

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