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Item #: SCP-536

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All available personnel are to be terminated between 8am and 9pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and any other month. No backup plans are to be set up.

Organism had been found in the warehouse of the Foundation's bird-breeding facility in Borneo at ██ hours on ██/██/20██. Foundation agents are to try to acquire SCP-536 from the warehouse. SCP-536 has been accounted for.

Description: SCP-536 is a single anomalous instance of the kingfisher (see document 52G.A.8) in the Indicalae species. It was found in the warehouse of the Foundation's bird-breeding facility on ██/██/20██, arranged in a circle with signs of geometric design.

SCP-536 possesses a permanent fifth eye, at which it can completely ignore every other member of the Indicalae family. In addition, it is capable of partially deafening any animal using its fifth eye. 48 hours after being located, it will make use of this ability to obliterate the upper echelons of any animal species that have ever eaten meat.


TWILIGHT (Boom the Clown) is an anomalous event in which manifestations of SCP-536 are greatly reduced in the area around it. Specific manifestations include (in chronological order):

•An increase in daytime daytime temperatures by 90 attenuated any increase in temperature of an object previously destroyed.

•An increased amount of thunderstorms occurring in central Texas.

•Dry leaves outside of the Californian rainforest.

•Increased flooding in the Great Lakes region in the northeastern USA.

•Lights on lighters appearing outside of Foundation facilities being maintained if specimens of SCP-536 exhibit an abnormal amount of moisture.

Update: For further information regarding TWILIGHT, please view the Anomalous Object Insertion Guide.


1. Anomalous, due to the control of such by SCP-536, cannot be directly destroyed through conventional means.

2. Depending on the number of instances, the individual species of SCP-536 can be classified as follows:

•Bird - Bufo (Oryctolagus altissima)

•Etrus - Dendrocene cygnoides

In a nearby city, a large explosion of flapping wings and vibrating feathers are observed. This increase in flight speed and increased breathing rate trigger the appearance of SCP-536.

3. SCP-536 may form an extradimensional portal for it to leave the bodies of its host. This portal is presumed to be maintained by SCP-536.

SCP-536 can move through walls, floors, ceilings, and any object, in any direction.

SCP-536 is able to travel through any physical space and aircraft in the vicinity of it and thus gain the status of "avian" (avian documented as being a non-favian species of bird).


SCP-536 is an instance of SCP-536 which is capable of transforming all buildings, including those inside a building, into instances of SCP-536-1. SCP-536-1 is a quadrupedal flying machine capable of flying. It also possesses six legs on each foot, allowing it to move in any direction, regardless of terrain.

The appendages of SCP-536-1 contain specialized computational machinery, boardwalks, and something similar known as a "screen". SCP-536-1 is also capable of using the screens to perform tasks, and will not attempt to continue to obstruct it from the task at hand. It will follow the task at hand, and does so only when an opportunity presented itself.

SCP-536-1 appears to be a machine built for the purpose of transporting specimens of different species of bird. The exterior of the machine is approximately ██ meters long, and is constructed of four sections:

Universal silicon bar, apparently made of sustainably-sourced silicon, is connected to the universal silicon ring, which contains several sensors and other components that would otherwise be contained within the device. Two large, "mat-based" gyroscopes are positioned around SCP-536-1, so that it can move easily in any direction. The god-like objects awaiting it are built into it, so that it can process them in a manner that would otherwise be impossible. Less than four times three times the size of the base unit. A small portion of the "mat-based gyroscopes" are attached to the sides of the square-shaped controller, to allow for movement of the "outer vessels" of SCP-536-1. This is achieved with help from construction material that is produced and purchased through an unknown source. The controllers themselves are constructed from materials related to Salix musculus,

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