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Item #: SCP-537

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agents embedded in prisons, the police, and members of MTF Lambda-10 (“Canadian Surgeon”) work in the region to bring the town under Foundation control. This setting is to be monitored by Foundation operatives.

Description: SCP-537 is a large clearing of forest in [REDACTED]. The area is described by visual records as having been a total oak savanna for less than 2,000 years, including a sparsely populated area entirely inhabited by European Aboriginal Aboriginal groups.

Light is present in the area, with a high concentration of streetlights, telephone lines, and television sets. Wind blows intermittently, but it is always accompanied by occasional wildfires.

SCP-537-1 is a supernatural entity that regularly appears within the clearing, typically accompanied by a creature — on occassion effecting telephone calls to the receiver — talking with a loud and low voice. SCP-537-1 expresses a desire to escape, to which the receiver will respond with calmness and show little emotion. SCP-537-1 will remain (and remain).

SCP-537-2 is a small, bipedal humanoid beast (presumably an Aboriginal 1.5 meter tall adult, approximately 8-10 meters in length) sitting on the ground within SCP-537. It is capable of speech and is capable of using weapons. SCP-537-2 will immediately attempt to leave the area, regardless of the intent of the intended property owner, and will then devour the owner if encountered. SCP-537-2 may not prey on prior owner.

While SCP-537-2 is capable of locomotion between the first and second floor of the clearing, it does so by [REDACTED]. Three or more individuals, collectively referred to as SCP-537-3, are capable of self-preservation using vehicles designed for transport. SCP-537-3 is composed of several different creatures, each with a distinct "mane" fur-like texture and behavior. SCP-537-3 will move from face to face unless attacked. SCP-537-3 is capable of speech and is capable of using weapons. However, it is generally unable to move in a direction in which the first floor of the area is blocked by the second floor. SCP-537-3 is not aware of human presence, and it will often avoid attempting to coerce the property holder into providing it with food and aid. Due to this, it is not not considered to be an active threat of SCP-537-2.

SCP-537-3 is tentatively known as "Pawn of Ancestors" by members of SCP-537, but occasionally it will


SCP-537-3 is able to fuse with human beings, in the sense that harvesting the flesh of an individual will induce a temporary state from within them, allowing SCP-537-3 to [REDACTED]

SCP-537-3 is capable of speaking in the language of its spiritual holder.

SCP-537-4 is a collection of twenty-five abandoned, abandoned books, all of which are written entirely in an Aboriginal language. Included below is a complete list of SCP-537-4's literature; it is not known whether these books relate to each other.

SCP-537-5 is a collection of thirteen tomes containing notes and writings of various Aboriginal languages and historical periodologies and Aboriginal themes that were allegedly written by Aboriginal persons. Table 2 contains a full list of SCP-537-5's contents.

Table 2: SCP-537-5

SCP-537-5 is on SCP-537-2 when it is breached. SCP-537-2 is non-anomalous, unaffected by anomalies, and will remain unchanged. SCP-537-5 is able to travel between areas of the clearing and has not displayed the ability to leave its area of effect.

Addendum 1: Expedition Log


Document #537-1: Expedition Log Of SCP-537-2

SCP-537-2 was retrieved by Foundation agents on ██/██/20██ from a cell in the █████ ██ █████ ███ █████████ █████ ██████ Hospital facility in █████████, Ontario, following a containment breach of SCP-437. Translated from English from a D-class personnel log, SCP-537-2 provides a description of the containment breach:

The Principal Researcher entered the wardroom early, discovering the patient had been restrained in a cell. SCP-537-2 was alerted, and successfully led the target operator to calm the patient until the operator became incapacitated and SCP-537-2 was able to escape.

SCP-537-2 is alleged to have stated, "This is so

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