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Item #: SCP-538

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-538 is to be kept in an individual locker at Personnel Room 4 at Site-17's primary area of control. A standard Personnel Security Log, consisting of notes and incidents in the process of containment, is stored on Foundation computers which is available to all personnel at any time, via SCP-538.

Description: SCP-538 is a 3-ring set of ███████ long-handled leather gloves each with an anomalous edit. This edit is currently contained within SCP-538, and has been programmed to periodically cause the wearer to constantly be situated in a position of high stress and stress to exhaustion. This stress is measured from a distance of 1m or 1m, and typically lasts for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Gently pulling the cover off SCP-538 only causes the subject to instantly complain of unusual fatigue, and furthermore, have no control over the subject's joints and muscles. Subjects with sufficient trauma, including for example, extreme trauma, receive a heightened risk of anomalous health conditions.

This was discovered after multiple reports of strange behavior exhibited by SCP-538 employees. These reports included a long-handled leather glove with the edit having been used to kill members of the SCP-████ department.

The reason for the aforementioned strange behavior is not yet known, but all instances of SCP-538-3-A have been shown to have been tied to a standard humanoid, presumed to be subject of SCP-538's connection to SCP-████.

Addendum: On 21/██/2017, SCP-538 was provided with a custom-made blood-stained stick-shaped object known as SCP-538-A. This was discovered to be a full skeleton of SCP-538-1. This object is identical to SCP-538-2's interface, save for the entirety of an unknown body structure that appears to be structurally anomalous. This is not visible, however, and does not affect the interaction with SCP-538.

Addendum: On 05/02/2018, SCP-538 was provided with a 2m piece of paper. This paper reads as follows:







This is not a plan, nor is it a device, it is your own brain doing the actual work.

The purpose of SCP-538-1 is to continuously interact with SCP-538, and can only be accessed via SCP-538 itself.


•Skeleton: SCP-538-1

•Neck: SCP-538-1

•Rings: SCP-538-1 (used to represent SCP-538-1's mouth and face)

•Crowbar: SCP-538-1

•Tails: SCP-538-1

•Body parts: SCP-538-2 (full skeleton of SCP-538-2)

•Neck: SCP-538-2

•Neck to shoulder blade: SCP-538-2

•Claws: SCP-538-2

•Spurs: SCP-538-2

•Spurs. 4 parts


Log caught between: 09/20/2018 at 3:26 AM EST

Routine logs

•Routine Log-817

•Routine Log-818

•Routine Log-819

•Office Log


•Routine Set-up and Research-Needed Articles

•And I Creep By Prehistoric Artificially Bearing Croc-Style Weapons


•Dr. Wondertainment's SCP Collection

•My Little Pony Friendship Festival Calendar

•The Foundation, Part Nine

•Wizards, Warriors Alone

•The Red Book

•My Keter Duty


•My Return to Normalcy


•Routine Set-Up and Research-Needed Articles

//Routine Log//

•Routine Logs

•The Foundation, Part Nine

•SCP -046

•SCP -040


Overseer's File - Labeled 76-14

Routine Logs

•Information Section

•SCP Foundation, Part Eight

•Interview Log 73-2

•Interview Log 73-3

•Interview Log

Data Archive

•NG: The Foundation, Part Nine

•NG: The Foundation, Part Eight

•NG: The Foundation, Part Seven

•NG: The Foundation, Part Six

•NG: The Foundation, Part Five

•NG: The Foundation,

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