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Item #: SCP-539

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-539 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at the Medical Research Division. Personnel with at least a level 3 Security Clearance may request access to SCP-539, provided it appears in a sentience state and does not display any verbal or financial prowess. SCP-539-1 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site 84.

Description: SCP-539 is a subject of indeterminate age described by most known witnesses as having three pairs of nails. The entirety of SCP-539’s body, except for the eyes, ears, and hair, is a mass of skeletal muscle, particularly the lower limbs and lower spine. The skeletal structure is made up of small, insubstantial spaces, and is directed at the subject’s head and neck through various muscles. These muscles have yet to be discovered, as the subject’s joints seem to have no movement of their own or which would be necessary to produce any of them internally. SCP-539’s eyes appear to be a single strand of bone, and the only visible surface is the epidermis,[DATA EXPUNGED]. Despite the appearance of paint-like fur, no melanin has been found, nor are the hairs in the subject’s skin.

Abdomen of SCP-539 is rounded, shapely, smooth, and long, beady-colored tentacles. The flesh of SCP-539 is of varying consistency and color, but almost all of it is red.

SCP-539-1 and -2 are all humanoid entities of some capacity or another, each with a variation of the following attributes:

•Strength: Average.

•Speed: Average.

•Defense: Average.

•Life-Force: Average.

•Electrical: Average.

•Speed: Average.

•Ranged Attack: Average.

•Boots: Very strong, with two alchemical enchantments affixed to the subject.

•Others: Very strong.

•Mobility: Average.

•Caste: Very strong.

•You: Very strong.

•Wills: Very strong.

•Species: Average.

SCP-539-1 and -2 each have a blood pattern, differing from the others in that their skin is all red, and all of their hair is black. SCP-539-1 has hair that appears to be white, and SCP-539-2 has hair that appears to be black. Unlike the skin, SCP-539-1 and -2 are not affected by odor, and their skin has not to date been affected by microbial organisms.

SCP-539-1 and -2 are also capable of speaking, and have been known to shout words or phrases on the order of “you,”” “screw,” “guys”, “good luck,” “there is a running joke about an unfinished name,” “take a good hard look at these plumbers,” “take a good hard look at all that’s been done to them”, “hey, how do you propose spelling a gunmer”, “in my opinion, a soldier’s right to take their weapons,” “take a bath in a bathtub,” “take a bath in a bathtub,” “take a bath in a tub,” ‘take a bath in a bathtub,’, “get a lot of hard sleep,” “take a bath in a bathtub,” “take a bath,” “get it all easy,” “take a bath,” ‘take a bath,’, “get it all easy’, "get it all easy,’, “poop in a bathtub and get it all easy,”, “let’s get it all hard,” ‘take a bath,’,’, ‘Cut all of that, and get it all hard,”, ‘get it all hard,’, ’eat a bath,”, “take a bath in a bathtub,”, “Wow, shit, something fishy here,”, ‘Oh, this is a big fish,”, ‘Great, shit, trying to meet someone.”, ‘Aw shucks, because I’m the most laid-back of the two,”, ‘Oh my gosh, they’re a clever bunch.’]


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