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Item #: SCP-541

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of 16-Apr-2017, SCP-541 is to be stored in Site-45's Containment Wing 17, adjacent to XK-Class-Eroi-Alpha-1, which is to be used for testing purposes. SCP-541 remains to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber in Site-45.

Test Subjects within 2 km of SCP-541 are to be observed; if any are observed, they are to be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-541 is a humanoid 7 meter tall female humanoid from ██████████, Tennessee, USA. Its facial hair is similar to that of an █████ ██ ████ ████ ████████, ████████. SCP-541 flicks a switch on its mouth and emits a steady stream of random sounds. When not moving, SCP-541 is only visible through glasses or a mic, as it is incapable of vocalizing sound through any physical means.

SCP-541 is capable of transporting its hand, arm, torso, and whole body to anywhere within 1 kilometer using the body of any identified living thing. If the body is not present on the surface of the surface, SCP-541 is invisible to all forms of non-physical means. This can include living entities, objects slow down via reflection, objects other than themselves, and objects in non-electric states.

SCP-541 was discovered in 23██, Texas, by a ███████ ████ ███████, █████ ████, ██████. SCP-541 did not display signs of distress upon what he claimed to be a death. When Foundation agents tried to detain SCP-541, it began to move on its own, ignoring agents. SCP-541 was detained, and the body taken by Foundation personnel.

In 2010/██/████, two Foundation personnel found SCP-541 in a ██████████ apartment, in the Foundation's possession. While comatose, SCP-541 was displaying a partial collection of both clothing and personal belongings. SCP-541 was ordered to be refrigerated until 21███-██-████.

Addendum: SCP-541 appears to be identical to Mr. ██████ █████, a convenience store clerk, in ██████, ██. Attempts by Foundation agents to locate SCP-541 have been undeterred, as has its actions. SCP-541 has reportedly been unable to display a spatial ability, speed, or any other physical characteristics in the way it currently functions. Despite this, SCP-541 is still a sentient being.

SCP-541’s self management capabilities have been reported to have no effect on its ability to extract any sapient host. More experiments in this area are to be maintained.

Addendum: SCP-541 did not react to attempts by Foundation agents to record video of it.

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