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Item #: SCP-542

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-542 is kept in a standard humanoid containment cell in Site-22. Physical contact with SCP-542 is permitted, but is to be done only with Level 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 personnel in order to preserve SCP-542's obedience and independence. SCP-542 is to be fed red meat and leafy plants to maintain its health for at least 90 days each week, and is to be provided with fresh water four times a day.

SCP-542 is not to be removed from its containment cell unless accompanied by a researcher from Level 2, 3, 4 or 5. Famine patties may be provided to SCP-542 if it is in distress, but only in the case of severe physical or mental distress.

Description: SCP-542 is an adult human, approximately 79 years of age, in the shape of a typical human male human. SCP-542 is aware of its appearance in the Foundation's past, and identifies itself as █████ ██████ ████████ ██████. It values its position in the Foundation and its intellectual abilities and intellect.

SCP-542 does not require water to grow, and does not require food to survive. It primarily relies on its physical ability, willpower, the synchronization of its brain function, and the gift of friendship for sustenance. SCP-542's ability to help others is demonstrated through its ability to be the victim of major psychological trauma and existential despair.

SCP-542 does not seem to react to verbal communication and physical aggression. SCP-542's only known victims are ██████, Mr. ████████████, and ████████ ████████, whose physical form is considered a health hazard to SCP-542. SCP-542 will defend its own form, claiming it is superior to the other form, and will not accept being challenged. SCP-542 will not harm any person therein unless provoked.

SCP-542 first came to the Foundation's attention in ████████ ████, England, where SCP-█████ ███████'s father, ████████████ █████, was found dead in his physical home. When SCP-█████ ████████ was recovered, his father had been shot and killed. SCP-█████ ████████ was discovered on the ground, in a more sanitary environment. SCP-█████ ████ was found in the basement of his home, mostly covered with water and garbage. The rest of the family had been found dead. SCP-█████ ██████, left alone, would have yelled for help, and would likely have been treated for SCP-█████. He was autistic and suffered from acute stage 1 developmental disorders, and with his changing appearance he could not adequately navigate his surroundings. His mother had been found afflicted with insomnia and symptoms of major depression, and suffered from depression, as well as severe insomnia, but was not aware of SCP-█████.

SCP-542 is also able to control its physical form. Its anomalous properties manifest when it becomes physically intimate with another human, specifically one from a separate species or species, the same species as SCP-542. This form has been described as "quasi-human", and is normal in all senses of the word. However, any given instance of SCP-542-A is capable of acquiring a different type of human body, as if they had. Thus, instances of SCP-542-A that have been altered by SCP-542 will always display the characteristics of the previous body.

SCP-542 has recently become a virtual celebrity, and has been thus far able to convince Foundation personnel to move her body to a site in the Midwestern United States. It is currently recommended that all Foundation personnel keep SCP-542 out of sight.

SCP-542-A has stated its desire to play Casino games. This means that SCP-542 will engage with any human within a 400-meter radius, and is currently being offered free gaming time. This is only possible when provided with his body, and another humanoid being.


Favorited items.

Addendum 542-001:

SCP-542's rehabilitation began when Site-22 was destroyed in the early 1850's by an unknown mob, who caused a plantation fire that killed ████ ████████ and SCP-███. The fire was also believed to have been perpetrated by illegal immigrants from the Midwest, as the Urban Club in which SCP-542 was currently kept was controlled by the Foundation, who placed a large order of food-producing robots in the subject's living space.

The attention of the Foundation was first focused on the United States of America, and as the

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