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Item #: SCP-543

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-543 is currently contained at the research center of Site-94. Several agents of MTF Epsilon-6 ("Gruntbusters") are in the vicinity of SCP-543's containment cell. Due to the short-circuit probability of SCP-543 remaining inside of SCP-543-A, these agents are equipped with additional containment gear.

SCP-543-A-A is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment facility, and is to be interrogated once per month for clarification of his role with SCP-543. Any further research for suggestion of anomalous activity should be monitored by MTF Epsilon-6.

SCP-543-B is to be maintained at a high state of health at Site-94's primary care wing for the sole purpose of obtaining additional intelligence. Subject is to be administered invalid nutrients twice per week and is to be provided with significant nutritional supplements.

SCP-543-C is to be maintained at SCP-543's care wing, as per 6-D-9-2, for the sole purpose of obtaining further information regarding SCP-543. Subject is to be provided with SMA-2040-area-wide feedbags to aid in feeding SCP-543-C.

SCP-543-D is to be kept at Site-94's primary care wing. It is to be fed foodandwater, while being kept in a low-level apiary. The bed is to be kept sterilized, unless SCP-543-D requests otherwise.

Document #1: Incident 3241-04

SCP-543/4-A has designated these persons in containment as his personal assistants in order for the coolness and weight of SCP-543 to be increased. Due to his desire to return to his mother, Subject-001-2, the containment chamber may also be flooded with fresh water.

Related Document #2: SCP-551-01 Pre-Convo

See Incident 5/6-B-9 for Incident 5/6-B-9

Description: SCP-551 was a male human with a deep voice. At the discretion of Directive 594-2, Subject-001-2 was to be given access to SCP-551. He presents a childlike quality that attracts females of childlike age, and offers a romantic counterpart to SCP-543. If SCP-551 is provided with food, he will tend to the hunger. If SCP-551 is not fed, he will become increasingly active, and have four arms, including a pair of retractable teeth. SCP-551 has the ability to manipulate even the most mundane objects taught to him. At the time of Incident 5/6-3, subject was still wearing the standard Foundation-issue helmet.

SCP-551 has been trained to handle two of SCP-551's four limbs and the torso. After Incident 5/6-4, subject describes them both as "bulging" and "hungry", and has expressed a desire to be treated as a full-grown adult. SCP-551 is capable of binding individual members of Subject-001-2 using its claws.

SCP-551 possesses an abnormally high rate of mental and physical ailments. If correlated, it will manifest as a permanent mark on the brain and spine, causing additional psychological strain in the subject. Any resulting damage has been reported as chronic and debilitating.

Addendum 5/4-1: Incident 5/9-06

SCP-543/4 was returned to non-anomalous containment. In the process of returning SCP-543-4, SCP-543-4 was attacked by another aeolon of SCP-543-B. SCP-543 was restrained, placed in stasis, and held in a standard humanoid containment cell. Dr. ████████, the head of said research team, died from a broken jaw soon after that. Object SCP-571 was destroyed during Incident 5/9-6.

See Incident 5/9-10 for Incident 5/9-11

SCP-543/4-A tried to remanifest, and assert his power and authority over SCP-543-4's body, which was then chained to a steel bed. SCP-543-4 attempted to show SCP-543-4 that he was not its prisoner, as SCP-543-1's brain and nervous system had been removed. SCP-543-4 did not respond to the suggestion. SCP-543-4 was once again imprisoned while severely debilitated by severe food deprivation for the remainder of its adult life.

Document #3: Incident 553-03

SCP-543/4-A has designated these persons in containment as

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