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Item #: SCP-546

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-546 is to be kept under constant watch for SCP-546-1. If an instance of SCP-546-1 is discovered, monitor them for any changes in behavior displayed by the instance.

SCP-546-1 is to be stored using standard containment procedures using standard reinforced storage mediums.

Description: SCP-546 is a collection of terracotta sculpture, measuring 2.54m x 2.54m and composed of protected finish material with an estimated mass of 44kg. When SCP-546 is moved using the handle at its forehead, the terracotta becomes animate and capable of speech.

SCP-546-1 is a 16.5m x 16.5m double brick container containing a style of terracotta sculpture by unknown artist. The interior is identical in appearance to a standard terracotta, except that the handle has been converted into a long, thin band with nine strings. The strings and base of the instrument are highly sticky to liquids, with the addition of [REDACTED], which is considered 'empirically-assailable', allowing the string to be easily severed with minimal effects. Unlike the terracotta model of SCP-546, the apperance of this mechanism is not sapient and does not respond to stimuli.

SCP-546-1 can move freely for approximately 15-30 seconds, but will begin to perform repetitive actions when it does so. These actions include:

•Raising the instrument to play a string.

•Taking a bowl, pouring puddles of liquid into the bowl and tossing the bowl in the air.

•Various valve noises.

•Removal of the bowl, causing the bowl to drop on the floor.

•Quizzing objects in the vicinity.

Known Actions:

•Shoot down a firearm, causing the chamber to explode.

•Swimming, while flushing the gun, soaking it in water.

•Dr. Wondertainment's Magic Cowering Parcel!

•Dropping a fizz sprayer into a wedding ring in front of a bride and groom and turning to them, repeating the phrase 'Lovely people get married.'

•Dr. Wondertainment's Hipper & Serious Soul-Sucking Guitar.

the cake! {$msg.samp}

The Dye-o-Screwing: I can do better.

Dr. Wondertainment, Will You Be My Patient?

Castaway Volume IX - Second-Annual Follies Edition

The Crossfire

From the blood of the King: A Gift from the Scarlet King

Dr. Wondertainment Bandai Co., Ltd.

Your number is 718-233-5450




SCP-546's face shudders for eight seconds.

SCP-546: What, did you make that? [drops ball on table]

Dr. Wondertainment: I don't care what you say about the......the winning team. I want to run the dishes.

SCP-546: [scat]

Dr. Wondertainment: [scat] Your crap is not-well, you know that.

SCP-546: [scat]

Dr. Wondertainment: You do realize that I'm now spilling something on your face!

SCP-546: [scat]

Dr. Wondertainment: [scat]

SCP-546: [scat]



1. SCP-546 has been connected to SCP-190-J. Sample of transcript embedded in SCP-546-1 is attached.

2. The official name of SCP-546 was determined to be Chicken Pie, and several variations were adopted by SCP-546.

3. The page on which the following had been written reads "Hey listen, here's the thing- it has an organ! See it?"

4. Dye-o-Screwing: I can do better.


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