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Item #: SCP-547

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-547 is to be kept in a high-value humanoid containment chamber within Site-23 at the Site of the high-security incident. The chamber is to be kept at least 2 meters in height, as long as possible for testing purposes. To prevent accidental release of SCP-547, appropriate containment procedures for all instances of SCP-547 are to be extensively researched and briefed.

To prevent SCP-547's sudden release of SCP-547-1, testing procedures outlined for SCP-547 are to be updated to take into account the circumstances of the release of SCP-547-2.

Description: SCP-547 is a male humanoid entity that is about four meters in height, chariot-like, possessing a body made of common gold. This entity is capable of sound production and speech.

SCP-547-1, D-10441-100432359, is the original incarnation of SCP-547, who was purchased on ██/█/20██, and was recruited using Adaptive Personnel Management 23477-A. SCP-547-1 was originally classified as SCP-547.

SCP-547's appearance and personality was substantially altered during this event.

SCP-547-1 was originally a man, originally of German descent, the same part of the Foundation as we are familiar with, who has been conditioned to wear diapers, take vitamins, and generally live the same life schedule as any other member of the Foundation. However, this case is the only time where he has been seen in plain clothes on any Foundation facility, as the Foundation has been unable to find him without being observed.

He is a highly valued individual, and is a member of a small group of SCP-547-1s known as "The Awakened Ones". He is currently housed in Room III of the Room ██ of the Site-73 cafeteria, having been upgraded to an experimental version of the Stationed Safe SCP and Site-73 personnel on ██/██/2007.

SCP-547-2 is a minor Nubian entity based on SCP-547-1, created using SCP-547-1's will and the general has-message-only-text requirement. This entity is capable of voice and speech, but has no other notable abilities.

SCP-547-2 possesses great wealth and power, and constantly waves a great war against the other SCP-547-1s. These wars often happen to be at high levels of complexity and detail, and are always violent and dramatic. If a conflict is not considered to be "serious.", SCP-547-2 can drop a payload of SCP-547-2 at will.

SCP-547-2-A is the entity closest to SCP-547-1, responsible for creation of SCP-547, talk with SCP-547-1, and talk to


The entity has great strength and vitality, and is able to swoop a large multitude of SCP-547-2s in one burst while holding them aloft in other bursts.

SCP-547-2-B is the entity closest to SCP-547-1, responsible for creation of SCP-547, talk with SCP-547-1, and


The entity has great physical strength and endurance, and has been observed to float around the floor of Site-73, with some being able to maneuver under it and others floating around the walls and ceiling of the cafeteria.

SCP-547-2-A is described as having the ability to push people onto the floor, and appears to be able to injure them with his will. The entity, but prefers a humanoid form, and assume the shape of any staff of any type.

SCP-547-2-B has been observed to use relatively small amounts of anaesthetic and sometimes small amounts of amnestic, and is also able to communicate with personnel.

Despite the fact that SCP-547-2-A is benevolent, it has shown no ability to restrain SCP-547-2, and is therefore capable of wiping the floor of Site-73 with SCP-547-1 assuming the staff leaves the containment chamber.

The entity has been shown to have the capability to create a room from any material, and will use various materials to do so. The entity is also able to create a room of varying complexity, and is a member of the Awakened Ones.

SCP-547-2 has also been seen to behave in a manner of some kind. SCP-547-2 has been spotted in the cafeteria area, in the cafeteria cafeteria staff lounge, and in

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