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Item #: SCP-548

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-548 has been housed in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site-███ (formerly Site-███) except that due to its anomalous properties, its containment chamber has been equipped with a sealed airlock. Personnel must not observe SCP-548's passageway, as it is to be kept at maximum warding levels for the duration of its containment.

Description: SCP-548 is a severe and widespread illness manifested in the form of a constant coughing, wheezing, and flapping sensation. Affects a broad range of subjects over the age of 17, with an estimated 20% of case-patients infected with the disease. Remaining cases require constant care, with varying methods of treatment and the proposed method for diagnosis being as follows:

•SCP-548 may be administered Formosan peyote, or up to three grams morphine each morning. The dosage of morphine administered will be randomly adjusted for the duration of the case.

•SCP-548 may be administered long-acting J-4816 morphine, or Up to ten grams of Class-D personnel next to the patient if SCP-548 is active and has not been initiated. J-4816 morphine is initially administered to the affected subject as a small amount of stick-torch placed over the patient's foot. It will then subsequently slowly change metabolism under the influence of SCP-548. The process begins in earnest after approximately 24 hours, and gradually progresses to the subject from within the patient. The duration of active resistance by the subject will be limited to approximately one month.

•SCP-548 may then be delivered to the subject, causing the subject to become actionable, although no effect will occur when it is delivered to the eye or other organ of the body.

•If the affected subject suffers an extended period of not breathing and time spent in the airlock is prolonged or prolonged for at least five hours, the surrounding beep-like sound will detonate, destroying the internal structure of the subject and "killing" the subject in the process.

Recovery: SCP-548 was discovered in the home of Dr. Thaddeus Stringfellow, a professor at the University of Rhode Island, in the lobby of Room ██ and the patient admitted there after becoming ill over the course of one week. Upon his initial self-introduction to the staff as having suffered a night of anomalous symptoms, he agreed to be checked for the disease and the subject was promptly removed from the room to prevent obvious injury. The subject was treated with morphine and is currently monitored on a regular schedule.

Incident 548-1


Formerly ██████ ████ ███, █████ Meredith, the assistant managing director of Site-███'s cognitive technology lab. 05/██/1999, a large breach of science and technology had swept through Site-███. The breach occurred during testing, and was picked up by an entity within the room. The test was successful, as SCP-548 manifested in the eye socket of Dr. ██████ ███, with the entity failed to trigger containment.

•SCP-548 manifested in SCP-███████ █████, the head of Site-███ academic and ██████ ██████ ███████████ insurance corporation. The entity remained in the room for three hours before leaving. The test was successful.






Foundation or other Group of Interest Archive

Addendum 552.1: Interview

Interviewed: SCP-551

Personnel on staff: Dr. █████, Dr. █████, Dr. ████, Dr. ███████., Dr. SCP-551

Subject: SCP-551


Interviewation Log 551-18

Interviewed: SCP-551

Personnel: Dr. ███████, Dr. █████ ████████

Subject: SCP-551

Interview subject: SCP-551

Dr. ████████: Can you please explain to me, now that you've voluntarily ended your life?

SCP-551 stares at Dr. ████████.

SCP-551: I can. Do you think that we have to be stupid to not understand?

SCP-551: Of course. Will you show me, dear?"

Dr. ████████ snorts. Dr. ████████: Hello, there, didn't

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