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Item #: SCP-549

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-549 exist in the possession of the Foundation. Documentation detailing any progress made by the Foundation for at least some of these SCP-549 instances is to be kept on file. No further action is necessary regarding SCP-549 instances not released.

Description: SCP-549 is a set of two 11.5cm x 13cm x 10.5cm black vinyl records, allegedly made by (hereafter referred to as the "owner") a record label, that play the song I Walk the Desert by The Strokes, on a black vinyl (see Interview #1 for more details). Without any standardized content, each item has appeared on multiple records, and only one iteration of each record is known to exist. The instances are identical to each other, and all instances carry the same content. All instances share this content, and all appear to have been stored on an unknown date. The contents of these items are to remain classified non-anomalous, with no apparent limitations on the content.

SCP-549-1, -2, and -3 are all the first recorded SCP-549-1 instances. SCP-549-2, -3, and -4 are the only other SCP-549-2 instances. All instances share the same content. All instances contain the same content. SCP-549-2 and -3 are designated SCP-549-1. SCP-549-4 includes all the instances of SCP-549-1. SCP-549-1 and -4 contain the same content. All instances have the same content. SCP-549-2 retains the content of SCP-549-1 and -2 and the content of -2 has been rendered wholly useless.

SCP-549-2 is identical to the original incarnation of SCP-549-1. SCP-549-2 is approximately 7.7cm x 2.4cm x 0.6cm. The contents of this instance are the songs 'DirtyFinger' and 'Myrs BoogersMuffin', recorded originally as an asro song, and the song 'Rage Against the Machine', recorded as the title track from Above the Rim. Each instance differs from the previous instance in one way or another, but shares the content of SCP-549. The songs have no apparent reason, and no combination of lyrics or lyrics can be identified.

The vinyl itself was discovered in a private collection in Africa, commonly known as a settlement somewhere between Ethiopia and Botswana. When SCP-549 was discovered, a large quantity of green truffles, linden trees, and black locusts had been recorded. The owner of this foundation owns all recorded instances. No stock of SCP-549 has been stored on recorders, computers, or other physical media.

SCP-549-2 and -3 are identical to SCP-549-2 and SCP-549-3. SCP-549-2 is approximately 7.7cm x 6.6cm x 1.3cm. All instances contain the exact same content. SCP-549-2 and -3 are designated SCP-549-2 and -3. The records themselves have the exact same content, and only one instance of SCP-549-2 has yet to be discovered.

SCP-549-4 is identical to SCP-549-2 and -3. SCP-549-4 contains the exact same content, with a different variety of lyrics and lyrics. SCP-549-4 is identical to -2 and -3, and is supposed to be an exact replicate of aesthetic elements of -2, -3, and -4. SCP-549-4 is not identical to -2 and -3. SCP-549-4 is an exact clone of each of them.

SCP-549-4 is identical to -2 and -3. SCP-549-4 contains the exact same content, except that none of the lyrics are the same, despite varying styles of lyrics. The music on it is identical to that of -2 and -3, and the lyrics all form the exact same sentences. All instances of SCP-549-4 display the exact same content. SCP-549-4 shares both -2 and -3 in the lyrics, but -2 is the only instance to contain continuous lyrics. The lyrics of -2 and -3 are different, and the song 'Loud, Lawless, and Lost' is identical to 'American Pie' by Led Zeppelin, though the lyrics of -2 have been altered fully.

SCP-549-4 is identical to -1 and -2. SCP-549-4 is at least 7.7cm x 1.3cm. All instances contain the exact same content. Although the lyrics have remained the same, the audio component of the song has been altered to include multiple lines of identical lyrics over a longer

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