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Item #: SCP-554

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-554, containment is in a constant state. Protocol #46-Swing, which is currently under review, is to be implemented to minimize the security risk of SCP-554.

All material and personnel associated with SCP-554 shall have been briefed on the object's anomalous effect. The person(s) who has requested access to SCP-554 as described below is directly notified in writing.

Description: SCP-554 is a collection of 18 sculptures of a caterpillar, SCP-554-1. Although the collection is more clearly delineated in the legal documentation, of note is the fact that most of the pieces are in no particular physical condition. All objects, identified by SCP-554-1, have been in good health for years, and have been kept well away from sunlight and other natural materials. This is common in all species of butterflies, but is also apparent in SCP-554-2's condition.

SCP-554-1 is a manufacturing process identical to a typical reassembly of a butterfly's body, wherein parts of SCP-554-1 are separated into a small, egg-shaped biorhythm, now known as SCP-554-2. SCP-554-2 is divided into two parts, SCP-554-3 and SCP-554-4. SCP-554-3 consists of a bag of egg, sand, water and salt. The water contained within SCP-554-3 is replaced with salt; both the sand and salt are retained, especially as normal rains are illegitimately removed from SCP-554-3. The sand is sprinkled on top of SCP-554-3, and the result is a feathery but otherwise non-anomalous feather that appears ONCE upon activation of SCP-554-3. The color of the feather is identified as yellow, early red, late red and ochre.

SCP-554-4 consists of a single egg. SCP-554-4 is an open, hollow space in the shape of a butterflyfish, which has been marked to be inaccessible by people with a stick or rubber hand, and has been covered in a layer of sand. The sand is created according to a cliche 'cliche' formula. The proportion of the sand is determined by the number of instances of SCP-554-2. Fertility rate drastically decreases the sooner an egg is removed.

SCP-554-4 is nearly identical in all respects to the jar of water described above. The only difference is that there is a hole in the top of SCP-554-4 leading to the bag of sand, and the sand is not normally high enough to create a cliche without spilling it.

Addendum: SCP-554-1 was recovered early in 2014 from ███████, Iowa, after the discovery of a case of a missing car. The investigation turned up nothing, and the car found in the owner's driveway was returned to his owner without incident. The car apparently had been parked in the driveway for several months prior to the recovery of SCP-554-1. Foundation agents then secured SCP-554-1 in a humanoid containment chamber located at Site-91. SCP-554-1 was transferred to SCP-554, where SCP-554-1's current skin was cured prior to SCP-554's containment.

SCP-554 was found in possession of ████ P█████████, a chronic alcoholic and an alcoholic-problematic person, at a residence outside ███████████, Ohio. P█████████ had been arrested for repeatedly resisting police control of narcotics. These charges were later dropped when SCP-554-1 was wrapped around his wrist.

Incident Report 4554-30

Humanoid Containment Procedures: SCP-554-1 is to be kept in a aviary-like structure in Site-91's Humanoid Wing. Personnel interacting with SCP-554-1 are to be prohibited from making any eye contact with SCP-554-1.

SCP-554-1 has been concealed in Site-91's Humanoid Wing. Current containment within Site-91 is to include [REDACTED]. Personnel are not to directly approach SCP-554-1, but are to report any incidents of SCP-554-1 attacking personnel with firearms and canines.

Kpt: Dr. ████████, take standard fitness gym equipment and a lift and throw logs onto SCP-554-1.

T20: Dr. ████████, take vehicle and retrieve SCP-554-1.

T23: Dr. ████████, report to assess SCP-554-1.

T26: Dr. ████████, present the anomaly of SCP-554-1 to Dr. █████.

T26A0: Dr. ████████, remove

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