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Item #: SCP-559

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-559 is to be kept in a standard standard humanoid containment chamber, with at least 20m of floor space. SCP-559 is to be used to provide a constant supply of food and water for SCP-559's use, give it sufficient clothing, and keep it watered using water pump located at the rear of the containment chamber. SCP-559 is to be fed a controlled meal from designated Variable Feeder SCP-559-1. SCP-559 is to be fed a controlled meal of nutritionally normal. The feed is to be manually changed once every four hours, and the maximum amount of food allowed varies according to the day.

SCP-559-1 is to be kept in a room in the basement of the Site-76 containment cell, behind a door marked "Door to floor storage" and inside of which a terminal is located. SCP-559 is to be locked in an upright position when not being tested.

Description: SCP-559 is a male humanoid male human (C. elegans), aka "The Empty Horseman", 51 years of age. Verify this with sample of SCP-559-1 provided by Investigation Team 171-1 during incident report for supplemental documentation on SCP-559. Personnel left the attached file in SCP-559's containment chamber, believed to be empty.

SCP-559, formerly a male human named "Mr. Hungry", apparently lacks a mother, father, or any further biological relatives. Foundation containment personnel have not detected any signs of youth or the absence of the needed individuals, and have suggested that SCP-559 is not in fact a fully sentient being.

SCP-559 was discovered by Foundation personnel at Site-76, after discovery of a mobile anomalous collection of miniature ostrich eggs on a farmhouse. The eggs, which bore a label reading "Empty Hammondson", were removed from the depot for further study. This lead to the discovery of SCP-559.

SCP-559 was recovered after Foundation was contacted that research of an unknown breed of ape may be destroying the paradoxes, and that the anomalous objects constructed were being used to combat the SCP Foundation. The Foundation was alerted to the situation between the Foundation and this anomaly, and thus the containment procedures to remove them and to destroy them.

There was extensive psychological pressure on SCP-559 during containment of SCP-559. It was re-dispersed by agent █████, due to the fact that he could not handle SCP-559's aggressive behavior. Several agents were injured during the containment process.

SCP-559 was used for the containment of SCP-069, as it could not fairly be remembered. It did not exhibit the same breakdown as SCP-579. Due to its long-term concealment, the Foundation has not been able to track SCP-579 in some time. It is believed that does not exist anywhere on Earth.

Information regarding SCP-579 may be accessed via its terminal, which appeared dormant for several years.

SCP-579-1 was recovered from SCP-579's containment chamber to prevent any unauthorized access. It appeared to be a collection of separate anomalous objects. These parcels were seven mail sacks, one of which contained SCP-579-1, and a box of food. The contents of these parcels were three identical packages of cookie dough (first batch) and a plastic cup containing espresso.

SCP-579-1 forbids contact with SCP-579-1 with the exception of a feeding tube inserted into the mouth after weekly feeding sessions (see Addendum 5579-A for more information). SCP-579-1 is only allowed to enter an area of clear, liquid rain, on which it cannot be overtaken with water and eric saliva.

Addendum 5579-A - Anomalous Item Description

Item Description: A dozen identical newspapers with the covers of a total of ████████ ██████ ██, ███████ ██ ████ ████████. Pages included in this particular containment are listed as "The Most Important Today" and "Piss Your Wogo" respectively. Replacing SCP-579-1 was the █████████ Shopping Centre in ██████, ███████. In response to this discovery, SCP-579-1 did not exhibit the behavior resembling its previous form. In a thorough survey of the area, ████████ █████████ Police were unable to locate any traces of SCP-579-1.

Addendum 5579-B - Exploration Log

On ██/██/20██, SCP-579-1 was found to be in a large pile along with 7 packages of cookie dough and cup of espresso. A small section of the pile appeared to contain a copy of SCP-███████. The earliest versions of SCP-██████, and thus SCP-579-1 is to be discovered

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